It’s A Parade!!

Welcome to WordServe Water Cooler’s Very First Blog Parade!!

Listed below are links to many of The Cooler’s authors and we are all writing on this topic: First steps we took to becoming an agented and/or published author!

The goal of today’s post is to give you some great advice and to allow you to see some of the personal blogs of our authors where they offer their ponderings. I think you’ll be amazed at the variety of helpfulness each author gives to the community.

Thank you, our faithful readers, for making the WordServe Water Cooler a great community. Enjoy the parade!

1. Anita Agers-Brooks: Anita Fresh Faith

2. Julie Cantrell: Julie’s Journal

3. Dianne Christner: …plain girl romanticizing

4. Dena Ratliff Dyer: Mother Inferior

5. Jan Dunlap: Jan Dunlap’s Blog

6. Michelle Griep: Writer Off Leash

7. Karen Jordan: BLESSED Legacy Stories

8. Sharon Lavy: Sharon Lavy’s Blogspot.

9. Gillian Marchenko: Gillian Marchenko’s Blog

10. Katy McKenna: Fallible

11. Melissa K. Norris: Inspiring Your Faith and Pioneer Roots

12. Jordyn Redwood: Redwood’s Medical Edge

13. Cheryl Ricker: Fresh Air

14. Kimberly Vargas: Kimberly Vargas’s Blog

15. Janalyn Voigt: Live Write Breath

16. Lucille Zimmerman: Lucille Zimmerman

Hope you enjoyed our parade!

27 Replies to “It’s A Parade!!”

  1. It’s a joy to read these personal stories and what a great source of information.

  2. Loving’ these stories! Hope I win something, too! I’ve tweeted, fb’d, and blogged about ’em all! I love a parade!!!! But I guess I’d better get to work, now! [Or is THIS my work?] kj (at) karenjordan (dot) net

  3. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting blogs today, and won’t stop until I’ve read them all. Loving the parade. katy at ngenius dot com

  4. I can’t wait to make the rounds and read all the posts, not to mention enter to win free books. Thanks, everyone! I’m at janalynvoigt (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Thank you so much for acquainting me with so many wonderful writers….just publishing my first book right now and what an adventure…now on to marketing it!!!

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