WordServe News February 2023

February is the moth of love.  Who doesn’t LOVE a good book!  Here are our in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Sandy Silverthorne  and Revel Publishing for on the February 28th release of Kids’ Big Questions for God: 101 Things You Want to Know.

How old is God? Who created God? Why does bad stuff happen? Will there be animals in heaven? Why did God create mosquitoes? (They won’t be in heaven, will they?)

Nobody asks more honest questions than kids. But parents don’t always have ready answers, especially about the BIG things (and let’s face it, to a kid, there are a lot of BIG things). Cartoonist, author, illustrator, and comedian Sandy Silverthorne is here to help! In this winsome book, he tackles 101 questions kids ask about God and the world, offering honest, biblically based answers. His quirky cartoons and interactive fill-in-the-blank pages will keep kids engaged, and the information he provides will open up conversations with your kids that will help them explore their faith, consider God’s plans for their lives, and understand just how much God loves and cares for them.

Perfect for kids ages 6-8, this fun book is great for sparking conversation over breakfast, reading before bed, and all those in-between times when kids’ minds are coming up with more questions to ask!

Congratulations to Lyndsey Medford and Broadleaf Books on the March 7th release of My Body and Other Crumbling Empires: Lessons for Healing in a World That Is Sick. 

We are living in a world that is sick. Both literally sick, with 60 percent of adults in the US living with a chronic illness and rising rates of autoimmune diseases in particular, including long COVID, and figuratively sick, facing ever increasing rates of burnout, anxiety, and disconnection.

As a writer, activist, and theology student, Lyndsey Medford was used to critiquing unsustainable medical, environmental, economic, and social systems from a theoretical perspective. But when her autoimmune disorder roared out of remission, she discovered that her own body’s systems lived at the very real vortex of all those systems’ dysfunction.

Learning to cooperate with her body would require her to change every aspect of her life–and in the process, to seek a radical reimagining of the world, from a place where sickness is an individual affliction to an interdependent ecosystem where sustainability is a community way of life. In this beautiful and inspiring book, Medford draws on her experiences with a rare autoimmune disease to illuminate the broader lessons we need to learn, in order to heal what ails us individually and communally. Whether our burnout stems from illness, systemic racism, poverty, or simply sin’s separation, we’re all in need of hope, and we are called to heal together.

My Body and Other Crumbling Empires points out the beauty and ubiquity of our limitations; the importance of accessibility, broadly construed; the interconnected nature of individual and public health; and the badly needed wisdom we have gained from living with our particular bodies.

Congratulations to Shannon K. Evans and Brazos Press on the March 21st release of Feminist Prayers for My Daughter: Powerful Petitions for Every Stage of Her Life.

This book of prayers for mothers to pray for their daughters covers every age and stage of a woman’s life from birth to death, imagining God in ways that most deeply connect with the feminine experience.


Congratulations to Jessica Hooten Wilson and Brazos Press on the March 28th release of Reading for theLove of God: How to Read as a Spiritual Practice.

What if we viewed reading as not just a personal hobby or a pleasurable indulgence but a spiritual practice that deepens our faith?

In Reading for the Love of God, award-winning author Jessica Hooten Wilson does just that–and then shows readers how to reap the spiritual benefits of reading. She argues that the simple act of reading can help us learn to pray well, love our neighbor, be contemplative, practice humility, and disentangle ourselves from contemporary idols.

Accessible and engaging, this guide outlines several ways Christian thinkers–including Augustine, Julian of Norwich, Frederick Douglass, and Dorothy L. Sayers–approached the act of reading. It also includes useful special features such as suggested reading lists, guided practices to approaching texts, and tips for meditating on specific texts or Bible passages. By learning to read for the love of God, readers will discover not only a renewed love of reading but also a new, vital spiritual practice to deepen their walk with God.



Christy Bauman signed with Penguin Random House for the March 2024 release of Her Rites.

Monica DiCristina signed with Worthy Publishing for the October 2024 release of A Therapist’s Invitation to Owning Your Story.

Jared Frederick and John Homan signed with Regnery Publishing for the February 2024 release of Into the Cold Blue.

Caroline Faussel signed with Tyndale House for the November 2024 release of The Intentionalist.

Natalie Ryan Runion signed with David C Cook for the September 2024 release of Whispers and Roars 

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What We’re Celebrating


Congratulations to Jamie Sumner.  Her sequel to “Roll With It”, Time To Roll, is featured in Motherly’s Best Kids Books for 2023.  Read about all of the suggested books at Motherly.


Congratulations to Marcus Brotherton. His upcoming release of The Long March Home receive a great blog review and also received a starred review from PW.  Read the entire review at PW.

WordServe News January 2023

It’s January!  Winter break is over, but the season has just begun.  Here are our in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Laurie Polich Short and Bethany House Publishing on the January 31st release of Faith, Doubt, and God’s Mysterious Timing: 30 Biblical Insights about the Way God Works.

When God’s Plan Is Unclear

What in the world is God doing? It’s easy to wonder this. We are living in an unfolding story, and it’s hard to hold on when difficult circumstances linger, or your deepest prayer hangs in the air, seemingly unanswered. Thankfully the Bible is filled with people who experienced the same thing. They had to learn to trust God’s way and timing–and their stories give us insights to live that way too.
Mining often-overlooked passages of Scripture, Laurie Polich Short has unearthed 30 practical, encouraging gems of wisdom found in the faith and lives of biblical heroes to help you

  • see more of God’s work as it unfolds in your life
  • have hope in circumstances that previously felt hopeless
  • be more comfortable–and possibly even excited–to lean into the unknown

Here is your compass to living your story well when the way forward is unclear.

“Why, God? What are you doing, God? Questions at the crossroads of faith and doubt can lead us to dead ends or to new vistas. Laurie’s brilliant, biblical insights will help you see the map from God’s mysterious perspective.”–JOHN BURKE, New York Times bestselling author of Imagine Heaven.


Congratulations to Patricia Raybon and Tyndale House Publishing on the February 7th release of Double the Lies (An Annalee Spain Mystery): An Amateur Sleuth Historical Fiction Mystery Set in 1920s Denver.

In the cold and dangerous spring of 1924, amateur detective Annalee Spain races the clock to solve the murder of a handsome barnstorming pilot before the clever Black theologian―a target of the ruthless Colorado Klan―is framed for the crime, and before she is lured by the risky flirtations of the victim’s dashing twin brother.

As this second installment of Patricia Raybon’s critically acclaimed mystery series opens, Annalee Spain offers her fancy lace handkerchief―a gift from her complicated pastor boyfriend, Jack Blake―to a young woman crying in a Denver public library. But later that night, when police find the handkerchief next to the body of the young woman’s murdered husband, Annalee becomes the number one suspect, and her panic doubles when she learns that Jack has gone missing.

With just days to solve the murder before the city’s Klan-run police frame her for the crime, Annalee finds herself hunting for clues in the Colorado mountain town of Estes Park. She questions the victim’s wife and her uncle, a wealthy Denver banker, at their mountain lodge, desperate for leads. Instead, she finds a household full of suspects and even more burning questions. Who keeps threatening her, why can’t she find Jack, and will a dangerous flirtation be her undoing? Her answers plumb the depths of the human heart, including her own, exploring long-buried secrets, family lies, even city politics―all of which could cost the young detective her fledgling love . . . and perhaps even her life.

Congratulations to Jennifer L Fitzpatrick and Post Hill Press on the February 28th release of Reimagining Customer Service in Healthcare: Boost Loyalty, Profits, and Outcomes.

This book helps you transform patients, clients, and family caregivers from hateful to grateful.

Do you look forward to your next hospitalization or medical procedure? If not, you are far from alone! Very few people enjoy needing a doctor, physical therapist, or other healthcare provider. Even fewer look forward to needing a hospital, assisted living, home health, or hospice services for themselves or their loved ones.

Dread of interacting with the healthcare system has skyrocketed because of the pandemic. Distrust in public health officials and agencies is at an all-time high. Patients have died alone in the hospital because of ongoing COVID-19 policies. Some outpatient health and mental health providers still refuse to see patients in person. Prior to March 2020, patients dreaded the thought of needing healthcare services. Now, several years after waiting for things to get better, they hate the thought of needing these services even more.

Reimagining Customer Service in Healthcare helps leaders and clinicians transform their organizations with simple, creative strategies. The results? Previously reluctant, uneasy, and resistant patients, clients, and family caregivers become less stressed and more trusting.


Kelsey Scism signed with Bethany House for the July 2024 release of One Year With Jeus.

Dr. Amen with Dr. Frey signed with Tyndale House for the March 2024 release of Parenting Shouldn’t Be This Difficult.

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Congratulations to Jamie Sumner.  Her sequel to “Roll With It”, Time To Roll, is featured in Motherly’s Best Kids Books for 2023.  Read about all of the suggested books at Motherly.

WordServe News December 2022

Reading is the perfect antidote during these busy weeks.  Here are our in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

EveryCongratulations to Steve Arterburn with M.N. Brotherton and Salem Books on the January 10th release of Every Believer’s Thought Life: Defeating Destructive Mental Patterns to Gain Victory Over Temptation.

We live in a sex-saturated world. How can you live a life of integrity in the midst of a sexual onslaught? From the author of the Every Man series (more than 4 million copies sold), Every Believer’s Thought Life helps all Christians—men and women alike—understand how to live a life of sexual integrity by taking every thought captive.

Jesus made it clear that while sexual integrity is expressed through the body, it’s rooted in the mind. But aligning our thoughts with God’s thoughts isn’t always easy.

Illicit sexual thoughts don’t need to have free rein in your mind. The Bible provides an arsenal of weapons to win the battle. Jesus invites you to live with full sexual integrity—in your behavior, heart, and mind. Instead of succumbing to the despair and darkness of sin, you can take every thought captive and replace it with thoughts that align with God’s truth, allowing Him to bring about His best for your life.

This book will teach you:

  • How to “reframe your brain” for optimum sexual integrity.
  • Why logic and willpower are not enough to win this battle. Fortunately, there’s a better strategy.
  • Why one of the big missing weapons in the war for your mind is not something you do but the realization of who you are.
  • How to live out the biblical mandate to take every thought captive and set your mind on things above.
  • How to be fully present in every moment God has for you, so you can live with confidence, calm, self-respect, and victory.

Congratulations to Kim Dolan Leto and Salem Books on the release of January 17th release of Fit God’s Way: Your Bible-Based Guide to Food, Fitness, and Wholeness.

An ESPN Fitness America Champion provides a step-by-step, God’s Word-based guide to equip Christian women with solutions to gain control of over food, find lasting motivation to workout, confidently seem themselves through God’s eyes, and live their best life.

If you’re tired of starting your diet over every Monday, if getting dressed stresses you out, if scrolling through your social media feed makes you feel insecure, this is not of God!

The way the world portrays health, fitness, and body confidence causes us to live in a thought cycle of “not good enough” and defeat, but in Christ we are free to live boldly as the best version of ourselves.

If you’re a Christian woman who loves Jesus and fitness, but you haven’t been able to get fit or find confidence, this Word-based solution is your answer.

An empowering Christ-centered system that exchanges the lies of the world for the truth of God is the answer you will find in this book.

It’s time to trade relying on weak willpower for the Holy Spirit gift of self-control, lasting motivation found in your purpose, and confidence found seeing yourself through His eyes!

Yes, you can cross the finish line of your goals. You just need your secret recipe!

Fit God’s Way provides the necessary tools you need to create your personalized daily system of success through the 5 Pillars of Christ-Centered Fitness.

If you know in your heart that you were made for more than failed diets and feeling less than… and you are ready to dare to believe with boldness you can become God’s best version of yourself, it’s time to live Strong. Confident. His.

Congratulations to Sarah Varland and Harlequin Books on the January 24th release of Alaskan Mountain Search (K-9 Search and Rescue Book 8).

A missing teen, a killer on the prowl…

This K-9’s on the case.

In the Alaskan wilderness, there’s only one way to track a serial killer: a K-9. For police captain Bre Dayton, that means working with her ex, search and rescue worker Griffin Knight. With her niece missing and possibly kidnapped, Bre has to find the murderer known as the Echo Pass Hunter—fast. Even if it means trusting the man who broke her heart…and putting herself in the killer’s crosshairs.

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Amen and Tyndale Publishing on the March 21st release of Change Your Brain Every Day: Simple Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Mind, Memory, Moods, Focus, Energy, Habits, and Relationships.

In Change Your Brain Every Day psychiatrist and clinical neuroscientist Daniel Amen, MD, draws on over 40 years’ clinical practice with tens of thousands of patients to give you the most effective daily habits he has seen that can help you improve your brain, master your mind, boost your memory, and make you feel happier, healthier, and more connected to those you love.

Incorporating Dr. Amen’s tiny habits and practices over the course of a year will help you:
Manage your mind to support your happiness, inner peace, and success
Develop lifelong strategies for dealing with whatever stresses come your way
Create an ongoing sense of purpose in a way that informs your daily actions
Learn major life lessons Dr. Amen has gleaned from studying hundreds of thousands of brain scans

Imagine what you could learn by spending every day for a year on a psychiatrist’s couch. In the pages of Change Your Brain Every Day, you’ll get a year’s worth of life-changing daily wisdom from Dr. Amen, one of the world’s most prominent psychiatrists.

Today is the day to start changing the trajectory of your life, one tiny step at a time.


Leslie Leyland Fields (The Chrysostom Society) signed with InterVarsity Press for the November 2023 release of A Radiant Birth.

David Sunde signed with NavPress for the January 2024 release of
Hand-Crafting Disciples and the January 2025 release of Parent-Raising.

Kathryn Ariana Molloy Yeh signed with InterVarsity Press for the September 2024 release of The Blueprint of a Healthy Calling.

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What We’re Celebrating

Christianity Today announced their 2023 Book Awards. We are honored to announce that under the category “Culture & the Arts”, Jessica Hooten Wilson received the Award of Merit for her book “The Scandal of Holiness”. Under the category “Politics & Public Life”, Bonnie Kristan received the Award of Merit for her book “Untrustworthy: The Knowledge Crisis Breaking Our Brains, Polluting Our Politics, and Corrupting Christian Community”. Be sure and read about all of the books awarded at Christianity Today.

The Scandal of HolinessUntrustworthy

WordServe News November 2022

It’s a holiday month, but instead of the hurried rush (not to mention shopping for all those presents!) of Christmas, you get to spend time choosing the perfect book to give or keep yourself.  Here are our in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Joan & Jeff Schultz and Core Media on the November  release of Shattered Dreams.

Most people dream of living a normal life— with normal children, a normal job, not a lot of drama, and a bright and promising future. But what do you do when your dreams shatter and darkness comes to rob you of hope and joy? 

In 1991, six years into marriage, Joan Schultz’s dreams shattered…for the first time. She and her husband, Jeff, learned that their four-month-old daughter had an intractable seizure disorder due to a malformed brain at conception. As the years progressed, all four members of her family faced life-altering situations and traumas. 

With all the strain of living life with twists and bends hurled at her, she realized that her marriage was also ailing. She wondered why God, who has power to change circumstances, could allow life to come with such heartache, loss and pain. Joan reached for books of people’s personal stories of how they faced devastating difficulties. This helped Joan glean insight and inspiration, which gave her hope in God, and which she then applied to her own difficult situations. Other people’s stories inspired Joan. They helped her see not only their struggles and pain, but how they press on towrd God through it. 

The story of Joan and Jeff Schultz and their two beautiful children, Ben and Hannah, will take you into their world of four separate, life-altering tragedies—intractable seizures, a life-and-death plane crash in the Alaska wilds, breast cancer, and a traumatic brain injury. You’ll travel along with them on their unique and gripping journey with each turn of the page. Together you will live through the sometimes heart-wrenching twists and turns that took surprising and unexpected paths. And all the while you will get to experience a beautiful faith dance—one that will change your life forever.

Congratulations to Ace Collins and Core Media on the November 1st release of The Last Imprint.

The Last Imprint is the story of an amazing gift that becomes a devastating curse. Dr. Maxine Factor is an imprint, a person who can view the past through the eyes of her ancestors. So, she can actually see history in the first person as it happened. That means Factor could learn the unvarnished truth about the past and know how much of our culture is based on fact and how much is tethered to myth. Because of that ability, she is being hunted by those who fear what she learns might shake the foundations of governments and religions. Set in locales across the globe, with a cast of characters that possess unchecked ambitions, unbounded fears, questionable motives, and deep flaws, this rapidly paced novel takes readers on a frantic life and death ride that doesn’t let up until the last page. The Last Imprint is more than an adventure novel, it’s a book that will leave readers wondering if the memories of past ancestors really are locked into their DNA waiting to be awakened. And if that’s true, could they or anyone else hold onto their sanity when the experiences of hundreds of others are haunting their every waking hour. Simply put, The Last Imprint is like nothing you’ve ever read. 

Congratulations to Mike Acker and Wiley Publishing on the December 1st release of Speak with Confidence: Overcome Self-Doubt, Communicate Clearly, and Inspire Your Audience.

Build your communication confidence and master the ability to inspire your audience

In Speak with Confidence: Overcome Self-Doubt, Communicate Clearly, and Inspire Your Audience, keynote speaker, author, and executive communication coach Mike Acker delivers a practical and hands-on playbook to building the confidence you need to nail your next presentation, speech, virtual talk, or social media post. In this proven pathway to becoming a capable and confident speaker, you’ll discover how to combine your identity, message, and skills into one persuasive package.

The author explains how to uncover your identity, define your message, and develop your skills and techniques to become a master communicator. From overcoming imposter syndrome to eliminating a victim mentality, you’ll explore concrete methods for improving your presence and ability to take command of a room. You’ll also find:

  • The elements of a confident message, including a personal investment in the topic you’re discussing
  • Strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs that hold you back and artificially reduce your ability to lead
  • Ways to understand your audience and learn to hone in on the place where your purpose intersects with your audience’s needs

An essential new strategy guide for anyone seeking to improve their ability to speak to a group, Speak with Confidence is the public speaking blueprint you’ve been waiting for.

Congratulations to Kara Powell with Kristel Acevedo and Brad M. Griffin and Wiley Publishing on the December 6th release of 3 Big Questions That Shape Your Future: A 60-Day Exploration of Who You Were Made to Be.

Sometimes life gives you way more questions than answers. And yet it seems like everyone expects you to just figure it all out! Whether you’re looking toward your future or wrestling to get through today, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Just three big questions will help you find clarity about all the rest:

· Who am I?
· Where do I fit?
· What difference can I make?

This 60-day exploration breaks down those big questions into manageable pieces and helps you embrace God’s best answers for you. Backed by Scripture and informed by years of research with teens just like you, this book does more than help you figure out what to do with your life; it will help you understand what your life means to the world–no matter who your friends are, what career you end up with, what kind of family you come from or will have in the future, what obstacles you may face, or what doubts trouble you along the way.

YOU are one-of-a-kind, and you can find faithful answers to life’s biggest questions.
PERFECT FOR: Christmas gifts, teen birthday gifts, graduation gifts, promotion gifts, Confirmation gifts, Baptism gifts, teens exploring faith, teen small groups, mentoring teens, youth groups, small group Bible studies.


Michael & Judy Phillips signed with Fidelis Publishing for the July 2024 release of Endangered Virtues and the Coming Ideological War.

Jessica Hooten-Wilson signed with Brazos for the January 2023 release of
The Making of Flannery O’Connor’s Why Do The Heathens Rage.

Gregory Royal Pratt signed with Chicago Review Press for the January 2024 release of The City is Up for Grabs.

Jamie Sumner signed with Simon & Schuster for the January 2024 release of A Fish Like Me.

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What We’re Celebrating

Congratulations to Taylor Schumann. Her book When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough won a best cover award from the ECPA. Covers are judged by top designers in the industry for their merits in appropriateness for the market, level of conceptual thinking, and quality of execution.


Congratulations to Patricia Raybon.  She received The Christy Award for first novel for her book All That is Secret. The Christy Award® was established in 1999 to acknowledge the value and impact of the novel of faith in contemporary culture.  


WordServe News October 2022

As October comes to an end, as well as daylight saving time (November 6!), the need for immersive reads becomes ever more important. Here are our in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Geralyn S Ritter and Core Media on the August 1st  release of Bone by Bone: A Memoir of Trauma and Healing.

On May 12, 2015, Amtrak 188 derailed outside of Philadelphia going 106 miles per hour. Eight passengers were killed and many more severely injured. Geralyn Ritter was thrown from the train with such force that she sustained catastrophic injuries to her chest, her abdomen, and her pelvis. Found unconscious, unable to breathe, and suffering massive blood loss, she was not expected to survive. After enduring weeks in the ICU, dozens of surgeries over the following years, unremitting pain, PTSD, depression, and opioid dependence, Geralyn was faced with a daunting question: beyond mere survival after trauma, where is the path back to joy? Bone by Bone shares her powerful story of resilience. With humor, grace, and no-holds-barred honesty, she describes the journey back to life and offers support and encouragement for others. Bone by Bone addresses the long-lasting impact of sudden trauma and extends hope–from the perspective of someone who has been there. And back.

Congratulations to Anne Barbour and Core Media on the August 16th release of The Fourth Chair: Uncovering Your Invitation to Come Home.

Four chairs are arranged in a small circle, three of which are occupied by God in the Persons of the Father, Son, and Spirit. The fourth chair is reserved specifically for you. What happens next can be a game-changer for any person.

In The Fourth Chair, Anne Barbour explores this compelling metaphor of being seated in the presence and fullness of God. In this place of complete acceptance and exposure, not only will we see the beauty and diversity of God in three Persons, we discover our unique connections to each of Them, and the highly personal invitation extended for us to come home. With deep conviction and purposefulness, Anne drives each of us to unlock more of the mystery of what it means to live the rest of our days from the fourth chair, experiencing the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Congratulations to Dale Hummel and Core Media on the October 16th release of Reset: Live Every Day Like It’s a New Day.

What is the secret to the abundant life? 

As a pastor of a large church, Dale Hummel had a secret: despite years of Christian study, practice, and leadership, he struggled to experience inner peace and joy. As hard as he was working for his faith, his faith didn’t seem to be working for him. When a mental challenge diagnosis finally led him to the renowned Mayo Clinic, he discovered the missing piece to his Christian practice: a deeper understanding of how the mind really works, and how to change it. 

But here was the big question: how did this new understanding of neuroplasticity and mindfulness fit with his Christian faith? As he searched the Scriptures, he was amazed to find the principles behind these “cutting-edge” concepts hidden in plain sight. The secret to the abundant life is that we must participate in our own transformation-through the renewal of our minds. 

In Reset, Hummel shares the practical program he created for himself and others that translates these scientific insights into orthodox Christian practice. Grounded in theology, science, and deep empathy, Reset shows you how to partner with God in your own transformation and renew not only your mind, but your faith in God and in the practical wisdom of Scripture. 

If real change has been elusive and your mind feels like your own worst enemy, it’s time for a reset. 

Congratulations to Kurtis Parks and Core Media on the October 25th release of Worshipology: A Biblical, Practical, and Spiritual Guide to Living and Leading Worship.

Living and leading a life of worship is our truest calling as followers of Jesus. Kurtis has been leading churches in passionate worship for the last 25 years of his life, and he understands the challenges and joys of ministry. In Worshipology, you’ll get a fountain of wisdom and practical insights from Kurtis and some of the leading voices in worship ministry today, as every chapter ends with a closing thought from different voices like:

Paul Wilbur, Aaron Keyes, Dwan Hill, Krissy Nordhoff, Corey Voss, and many more….

Congratulations to Chris Davis and Zondervan on the October 25th release of Bright Hope for Tomorrow: How Anticipating Jesus’ Return Gives Strength for Today.

Hope is fuel. For Jesus’ disciples, the hope of seeing their risen Lord again, face to face, powered their endurance through persecution, their patience in discipling new believers, and their courage to renounce injustice and sinful passions.

But have we set aside that fuel because the topic of Jesus’ return is mired in confusion and controversy? Many Christians have lost or overlooked the importance of the Lord’s appearing, resulting in a sluggish, ineffective faith.

What if there is a way to recapture spiritual momentum? What if we could tap into the apostles’ longing to simply be in the presence of the resurrected Christ without getting entangled in date-setting or disagreements about the Millennium? And what if this fresh hope could drive our daily responses to temptation, affliction, discouragement, and life in a broken world?

In Bright Hope for Tomorrow, pastor Chris Davis points the way forward. Exploring the return of Jesus on the terms of the New Testament letters, this book looks at portraits of Jesus’ appearing, rhythms necessary to maintain expectancy (including gathering, fasting, and resting), and the practical transformation such anticipation effects. Bright Hope for Tomorrow is not the next new thing. Rather, it is a recovery of what has been lost by end-times studies that have veered into peripheral concerns. Join this return to the gospel center: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.

Congratulations to Barb Raveling and Harvest House Publishers on the November 1st release of Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating: 100 Renewing Exercises to Help You Break Free from the Control of Food.

Author Barb Raveling has been caught in the bondage of emotional eating, stuck in a cycle of gaining and losing weight—but she’s also experienced how submitting to Christ’s commands healed her broken relationship with food. In Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating, Barb shares what she’s learned to help you regain control over what, when, and why you eat.

These 100 exercises based on biblical teachings will change how you see food, dieting, and weight loss. As you read, you will

  • grow closer to God as you honestly and humbly present your struggles to Him
  • build boundaries to stop you from using food as a coping mechanism—and make emergency plans for when you’re tempted to overindulge
  • find freedom from strongholds by focusing your mind on God’s desires for your heart

When you trade the lies that lead you to overeat for the truths that set you free, you’ll find yourself craving closeness with God above all else. Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating will help you build effective strategies for maintaining a spiritually satisfying relationship with food.

Congratulations to September Vaudrey with Jean Stoffer and Tydale Publishers on the November 1st release of Establishing Home: Creating Space for a Beautiful Life with Family, Faith, and Friends.

What is your unique path to a more beautiful and fulfilling life? Walk alongside award-winning designer Jean Stoffer as she chronicles her own surprising, unhurried journey and be encouraged that there’s plenty of time to discover yours.

When Jean Stoffer’s husband announced he was quitting his extremely stressful job to look for another career, she suddenly needed to bring in a lot more of the family income. The problem was, while she had a degree in business, her part-time job paid very little and she had few obvious options for earning more anytime soon. In Establishing Home, Jean tells how necessity sparked her journey from part-time receptionist to founder of an award-winning home design company and star of the Magnolia Network’s show, The Established Home. Along the way, she shares what’s she learned about design, business, parenting, and relationships. In Establishing Home Jean will:

  • Inspire you to discover a dream you didn’t know you had
  • Reassure you that whether you’re building a career, raising a family, or redoing your home, it’s okay to slow down and enjoy the journey
  • Teach you practical ideas for combining work and family―and how to work in harmony with adult children
  • Reveal her pro tips for making your home a beautiful place to be
  • Provide gorgeous 4-color photos of her classic, elegant designs for your own inspiration

Any home―and life―can become even more beautiful with a little bit of heart.

Congratulations to Tom Sileo and Fidelis Publishing on the November 11th release of Be Bold: How a Marine Corps Hero Broke Barriers for Women at War.

Major Megan McClung is the first female United States Naval Academy graduate to be killed in action since the school’s 1845 founding and the highest-ranking female U.S. Marine Corps officer to die during the Iraq war. Be Bold is Megan’s inspirational story of defying steep odds, making the ultimate sacrifice, and paving the way for a new era of women at war.

Congratulations to Don Schoendorfer and Mascot Books on the December 6th release of Miracle Wheels: The Story of a Mission to Bring Mobility to the World.

Dr. Don Schoendorfer spent many years pursuing his vision of success, but one trip to Africa changed his life forever. The heartbreaking sights he witnessed on the streets of Morocco sent him on an unexpected path of faith, despair, and, ultimately, newfound purpose.

Miracle Wheels is the compelling account of Don’s journey, from his humble beginnings in the Midwest to his innovative work in the biomedical field, culminating in the founding of a nonprofit organization that has served millions around the world. Laced with humor while tempered by life’s sobering realities, including family hardships, Don’s story leads you on an emotional exploration that spans the globe and intersects with world leaders as he strives to overcome challenges and serve some of the most vulnerable among us: people living with disabilities in developing countries.


James Hewitt signed with Zondervan for the October 2023 release of I Am Weak, I Am Strong.

Sarah Varland signed with Harlequin Enterprises for the January 2024 release of K9 Huskey.

Ryan Keats signed with Union Square & Co for the September 2023 release of ADHDINOS.

Shannon Evans signed with Random House for the January 2024 release of The Mystics Would Like A Word.

New Clients

Meredith Warner, Dr. Andrew Bauman, Blayne Smith and Brandon Young recently signed with WordServe.  Welcome!

What We’re Celebrating


Debora M. Coty has received ECPA Platinum Award. A Platinum Award is presented when a book property sells 1 million units.  Deb received the award for her “Too Blessed To Be Stressed” books. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Katie Powner.  Her book Where The Blue Sky Begins made the Parable Weekly Top 50 bestseller list this week at #26.  This is the first month that the book has been published.  Quite an accomplishment.


WordServe News September 2022

Who doesn’t love a good book while sitting on the patio during the gorgeous autumn weather.  September has ushered in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to John Spencer and Potomac Books on the July 1st release of Connected Soldiers: Life, Leadership, and Social Connections in Modern War.

John Spencer was a new second lieutenant in 2003 when he parachuted into Iraq leading a platoon of infantry soldiers into battle. During that combat tour, he learned how important unit cohesion was to surviving a war, both physically and mentally. He observed that this cohesion developed as the soldiers experienced the horrors of combat as a group, spending their downtime together and processing their shared experiences.

When Spencer returned to Iraq five years later to take command of a troubled company, he found that his lessons on how to build unit cohesion were no longer as applicable. Rather than bonding and processing trauma as a group, soldiers now spent their downtime separately, on computers communicating with family back home. Spencer came to see the internet as a threat to unit cohesion, but when he returned home and his wife was deployed, the internet connected him and his children to his wife on a daily basis.

In Connected Soldiers Spencer delivers lessons learned about effective methods for building teams in a way that overcomes the distractions of home and the outside world, without reducing the benefits gained from connections to family.

Congratulations to Bonnie Kristian and Brazos Press on the October 11 release of Untrustworthy: The Knowledge Crisis Breaking Our Brains, Polluting Our Politics, and Corrupting Christian Community.

Which media outlets will help me be a responsible news consumer? How do I know what is true and whom I can trust? What can I do to combat all the misinformation and how it’s impacting people I love?

Many Americans are agonizing over questions such as these, feeling unsure and overwhelmed in today’s chaotic information environment.

American life and politics are suffering from a raging knowledge crisis, and the church is no exception. In Untrustworthy, Bonnie Kristian unpacks this crisis and explores ways to combat it in our own lives, families, and church communities.

Drawing from her extensive experience in journalism and her training as a theologian, Kristian explores social media, political and digital culture, online paranoia, and the press itself. She explains factors that contribute to our confusion and helps Christians pay attention to how we consume content and think about truth. Finally, she provides specific ways to take action, empowering readers to avoid succumbing to or fueling the knowledge crisis.

Congratulations to Dr. Tammy Lewis Wilborn and Balance Books on the October 11 release of Playing a New Game: A Black Woman’s Guide to Being Well and Thriving in the Workplace.

Drawing on first-hand clinical insight and scientific research, Dr. Wilborn offers much-needed advice on how women of color can be high-performing and successful professionally, without sacrificing their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 

Black and brown women have been making profound strides in leadership and professional achievement, despite facing the added hurdles of both sexism and racism in the workplace. But so often, excelling at work comes at the expense of their wellness: the chronic stressors and demands on Black women can result in negative physical health outcomes such as sleep disturbance, hypertension, and diabetes, and negative mental health outcomes including anxiety and depression. We cannot talk about career advancement for Black and brown women without talking about strategies that promote their total wellbeing.

Playing a New Game offers women a new way forward, in which ambition and wellness can not only coexist, but bolster each other. With insights from her 20 years of professional counseling experience and extensive research, mental health expert Dr. Tammy Wilborn expands the dialogue on BIPOC women’s experiences of race and gender stereotypes at work, exploring them as a wellness issue.  Through her evidence-based best practices that promote self-care and self-empowerment as necessary tools for professional success, Black and brown women can flip the script by prioritizing their wellness even as they advance professionally. 

Where the blue sky beginsCongratulations to Katie Powner and Bethany House on the October 11 release of Where the Blue Sky Begins.

Sometimes the hardest road of all is the road home.

When confident and handsome Eric Larson is sent to a rural Montana town to work in the local branch of his uncle’s financial company, he’s determined to exceed everyone’s expectations, earn a promotion, and be back in Seattle by the end of summer. Yet nothing could prepare him for the lessons this small town has in store.

At forty-six years old, eccentric and outspoken Eunice Parker has come to accept her terminal illness and has given herself one final goal: seek forgiveness from everyone on her bucket list before her time runs out. But it will take more courage than she can muster on her own.

After an accident pushes Eric and Eunice together, the unlikely pair is forced to spend more time with each other than either would like, which challenges their deepest prejudices and beliefs. As summer draws to a close, neither Eric nor Eunice is where they thought they would be, but they both wrestle with the same important question: What matters most when the end is near?

Praise for Katie Powner …“Powner delivers life lessons that cross generations and will linger long after the last page is turned.”–Library Journal starred review

“My favorite stories are ones about everyday, salt-of-the-earth people. When I open a novel by Katie Powner, I know that’s what I’m going to experience.”–Susie Finkbeiner, author of The Nature of Small Birds

Out of the FireCongratulations to Mike Kinney with Margot Starbuck and Salem Books on the October 18 release of Out of the Fire: How an Angel and a Stranger Intervened to Save a Life.

When his truck slammed into a telephone pole and burst into flames, the seventeen-year-old became pinned in the driver seat. Moments before the vehicle was consumed by fire, Mike was pulled from the burning wreckage of twisted metal as his body burned. After his guitar was incinerated in the blaze, Pete Townsend from The Who, a musical inspiration, sent him a new guitar, offering, “This is the Phoenix.”

In the wake of his Phoenix moment of rising from the ashes, Mike wanted to believe that his life had been saved for a unique purpose. But along the way—through a brutally painful physical recovery, learning to live with a brain injury, and eventually several vocational disappointments—that purpose to which he believed God had called him seemed in jeopardy. Determined, though, Mike pressed on.

Mike Kinney’s life was saved by God from the flames for a unique purpose, and Out of the Fire invites readers to live out the purpose God has for their lives—even when, and especially when, that purpose seems to be in jeopardy.

Congratulations to Dr. John Bruchalski with Elise Daniel and Ignatius Books on the October 20 release of Two Patients: My Conversion from Abortion to Life-Affirming Medicine.

After a terrible misjudgment in the delivery room, Dr. John Bruchalski realized that with every pregnant woman he attends, there are two patients—the mother and her unborn child. In addition to this discovery, two remarkable spiritual experiences deepened his understanding of the kind of man he had become and the one he was called to be.

Two Patients is the story of how a physician who practiced abortion came to question the medical status quo and to pioneer an approach to reproductive medicine that respects female fertility, honors the dignity of unborn children, and o­ ers care to patients regardless of their financial situation. Such health care, writes Dr. John Bruchalski, is merciful medicine, and his memoir gives a glimpse of just how merciful the relationship between a doctor and his two patients—mother and child— can be.

Congratulations to Carissa Shillito and BH Kids on the November 8 release of Innis and Ernest: An Unlikely Friendship Between Young and Old.

Innis loves being an only child. He gets to watch TV and play with his cars whenever he wants. Then one day, Ernest, a 90-year-old man, comes to live with his family, and Innis must start sharing his space with someone else. Innis is irritated at first, but he soon learns that he and Ernest have lots in common, and he begins to appreciate Ernest’s stories, silliness, and special treasures. By the end of the story, Innis cannot imagine life without his new best friend.

A heartfelt and humorous picture book about cross-generational friendship, Innis and Ernest reveals the importance of having relationships with senior citizens in our communities. A celebration of life, both young and old, this gentle story is sure to captivate children, parents, and grandparents alike with its vintage illustrations and endearing message.


Kara Powell with Jennifer L. Bradbury and Brad M Griffin signed with Baker Publishing for the November 2023 release of The Character Compass.

Roger Hutchinson signed with Church Publishing for the November 2023 release of The Art of Calm:  Spiritual Exercises for the Anxious Soul.

Elizabeth Felicetti with Samantha Vincent-Alexander signed with Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing for the May 2024 release of Irreverent Prayers: Talking to God When You’re Seriously Sick.

Mindy Ferguson signed with AMG Publishing for the December 2023 release of Eyewitness to Redemption: Finding Refuge in God’s Redeeming Love.

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Kimberly Katiti and Jerry Jamison recently signed with WordServe.  Welcome!

What We’re Celebrating

Wordserve Literary is proud to announce the promotion of Keely Boeving to Senior Agent.  Keely has been a member of the Wordserve Staff since 2015 and has the respect of both authors and publishers.  Please help us celebrate this well deserved promotion.

WordServe News August 2022

August has ushered in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Kevin Nye and Hearld Press on the August 24 release of Grace Can Lead Us Home: A Christian Call to End Homelessness.

On any given night, more than half a million Americans and Canadians find themselves sleeping on the streets, in shelters, cars, and other places not meant for human habitation. Yet as this crisis continues to grow, it remains one of the least talked about–especially in churches. Even where compassion and empathy exist, the complexities around homelessness can make us feel stuck, overwhelmed, or numb to the existence of unhoused people in our cities and neighborhoods. 

Reporting back from his work in homeless services, minister and advocate Kevin Nye introduces readers to the Christ he’s met in tents, shelters, and drop-in centers. He demystifies homelessness by journeying into complex issues like affordable housing, mental illness, addiction, and more, while reimagining our theological approach to these matters and educating us on how they intersect with homelessness.

This thorough and intimate book shows us that from the margins, Jesus has something to teach us all about grace–something that could change the landscape of homelessness entirely if we’re ready to hear it.

Congratulations to Bill Myers and Fidelis Publishing on the August 24 release of Temptation: Rendezvous with God – Volume Two (2).

Join Will Thomas as, with a touch of humor, he continues stumbling his way toward holiness and understanding God’s deep desire for intimate friendship.

As our hero continues his off-the-record visits with Jesus Christ, his best friend draws him onto the wrong side of a moral and political issue. Amidst the drama and chaos, he learns two powerful truths: His identity is not in what he does for a living. His identity is not in what people think of him. Despite it all, amidst victories and catastrophic failures, he learns his identity, now and forever, is as God’s “deeply loved son.” Join Will Thomas as, with a touch of humor, he continues stumbling his way toward holiness and understanding God’s deep desire for intimate friendship.

Congratulations to Jim Johnson with Paul Basden and Harvest Kids Books on the August 31 release of Finding Your Place in God’s Great Story for Kids: A Book About the Bible and You

By learning about the Bible in eight easy-to-understand sections, children ages nine to twelve will see God’s Word as one complete story and find their role in it.  

From Genesis to Revelation, God has a story to tell: He created us so he could know and love us, and because he knew we wouldn’t be able to love and obey him perfectly, he sent his Son to die for us so we can spend eternity with him.

Using language, humor, and illustrations that tweens will enjoy, Finding Your Place in God’s Great Story for Kids introduces children to the major themes and key characters in the Bible so they will better understand the gospel message and see to apply it to their lives. They will also discover the narrative threads that run throughout the Bible and gain a deeper appreciation of God’s Word and his immeasurable love for them.

Congratulations to Angie Ward and NavPress on the September 6th release of Kingdom and Country: Following Jesus in the Land that You Love (Kingdom Conversations). 

We love God. We love our country. What does it look like to love each properly and well?

National tensions are at a record high. People on all points in the political spectrum care deeply about their country, although they differ wildly in their opinions about what it looks like to serve that country well. As Christians, we love God and seek to follow him. At the same time, nothing shapes us and tugs at our loyalties quite like the place we live. And of course we are regularly encouraged to pledge our allegiance to our country―or particular understandings of it. Who wins when the priorities of God and our country clash?

In Kingdom and Country, a collection of leading Christian thinkers and practitioners take a holistic approach to considering the questions of patriotism, nationalism, and where our ultimate loyalties must like. Contributors include Alejandro Mandes, Juliet Liu, Ryan Tafilowski, Derek Vreeland, Rod Wilson, Michelle Reyes, Amanda Smith, Karen Wilk, Sean Palmer, and Tina Boesch

Kingdom and Country is the second in a series of Kingdom Conversations, books that bring together trusted Christian voices to address some of the most urgent and perplexing challenges of our time in timeless and redemptive ways

Congratulations to Jamie Erickson and Moody Publishing on the September 6th release of Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow.

Hygge [hue-guh] has become a cultural buzzword. When many read about this Danish practicetheir shoulders lift in excitement, then fall in exhale. In a culture of rush, hygge appeals to their desire for rest—for slow living, shared moments, and fostered friendships. Hygge has strong ties to beauty, contentment, and well-being. It’s warm and inviting. Hygge is the opposite of hustle. It eschews abundance. It savors. It takes things slow and envelopes you in sanctuary. Hygge is home. When you sit in a comfy chair by the fire, that’s hygge. When you arrange a fresh bouquet of wildflowers on a bedside table, that’s hygge too. Candles, soft furnishings, natural light, fresh-baked pastries, intimate gatherings with friends—these are what come to mind when you think of hygge. But hygge can be so much more. 

In Holy Hygge, author Jamie Erickson unites the popular Danish practice with the deep, theological truths of the gospel. She unpacks the seven tenets of hygge: hospitality, relationships, well-being, atmosphere, comfort, contentment, and rest. In addition, Erickson shows how the external veneer of a lifestyle can create a life-giving home only when placed under the hope of the gospel. Holy Hygge provides practical ideas for using hygge to gather people and introduce them to faith in Christ. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions, Scripture references, and a prayer.



Karissa Tunis with Sharlene Medini signed with Harvest House Books for the September 2023 release of Sweet Notes for My Daughter.

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Kristen Morris recently signed with WordServe.  Welcome!

What We’re Celebrating

We are excited to promote Laurie Polich Short‘s upcoming study on Romans 8. Below is a trailer for a new 8 week study in Romans 8 called “The greatest chapter in the Bible”:  https://youtu.be/8yjkyy4o7iA

The study can be found on RightNow media or on her website: https://laurieshort.com/



Marine RaidersCongratulations to Carole Engle Avriett.

Her book Marine Raiders: The True Story of the Legendary WWII Battalions (World War II Collection) has been chosen as part of their WWII Collection.  Regnery History is proud to present our new featured collections of quality paperback editions: World War II Collection, Civil War, Cold War Classics, The Generals, The Presidents, and Early America.

WordServe News July 2022

July is a month that more people are reading books than releasing books . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Stephen Arterburn with Stacey Sadler and Salem Books on the August 2, 2022 release of Understanding and Loving Your Child As a Single Parent.

Twenty-first century how-to advice that embraces and celebrates the role of  the single parent and the children those parents love, from the author of the internationally best-selling Understanding Your Child series, and host of New Life Live!, the nation’s number one Christian call-in counseling show.
Answers to Questions Unique to Single Parenting
Whether you have always been a single parent, or lost a spouse to death or divorce, the stress of raising healthy, well-adjusted children while trying to make ends meet can feel overwhelming at times. Where can a single parent get some help?

Syndicated radio host Stephen Arterburn has spent years fielding those types of questions on his show, so he teamed up with a board member of New Life Live!—trained clinician and successful single parent of now-adult children Stacey Sadler—to put the answers into the pages of this book. Some of the many topics covered are:

*How to manage your emotions well
*How to let your kids be kids
*How to trust God to be your co-parent
*How to grow comfortable with and receive more practical help from others in your community
*Rejecting a mindset of victimhood and embracing thankfulness
*Knowing if you’re ready to date—and how to handle that with your kids

Indeed, you were not designed to shoulder the load of parenting your children all by yourself—but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed at it. Understanding and Loving Your Child as a Single Parent will provide the tools you need not only to survive this challenge, but to thrive within it—and set your child up for a successful life, too.

Congratulations to Stephen Arterburn with Connie Clark, PhD and Salem Books on the August 2, 2022 release of Understanding and Loving Your Bonus Child.

Nontraditional families now outnumber nuclear families in the U.S.—including blended families.

Statistics show that approximately 40 percent of all married parents nationwide have children from a previous marriage or relationship. If you’re one of them, you didn’t just find a partner when you got married—you got a bonus!

As beautiful as that is, the situation also comes with challenges. Not only do you have to find your footing with your new spouse—which takes time, patience, and communications even when no one else is in the household—you must navigate those relationship with your and/or your spouse’s children as well. Not to mention that if you and your new spouse both have children, you must help them work out their issues with each other!

Syndicated radio hose Stephen Arterburn gets questions about this from listeners all the time, so he’s partnered with Connie Clark to help adults with bonus children

  • manage their own stress, and help their children manage theirs;
  • overcome common difficulties;
  • develop healthy communication patterns and interpersonal skills;
  • find common ground with their new spouse with issues arise over the ids, and
  • find ways to have fun and increase happiness together.

Congratulations to Jean S. Barnes with Jessica Wrasman and Elk Lake Publishing on the May 9, 2022 release of Wise Woman Within: Living from the Wisdom Within.

Living from the Wisdom Within

“My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, you, God, will not despise.” (Psalm 51:17)

Two women, one 80+ and one 30+, in very different seasons of life, chat about how they each are learning to find and listen to the voice of wisdom that God planted within their truest soul. Some trial, lots of error, but with increasing success—they have learned the secret to connecting to the Wise Woman Within—who speaks truth and wisdom and spiritual insight, who helps steer us away from danger and disaster, who helps us speak and live in balance and love.

“May the flickering light of truth be passed to you, as if my candlestick might dip to light yours, illuminating a path a little less dark, a little more clear for you and yours as you undertake this brave and fierce work of finding the ‘Wise Woman Within.’” (WWW)


Katie Powner signed with Baker Publishing for the October 2023 release of When The Morning Wind Blows.

Michael Ross with Dan Shields signed for the October 2023 release of Relational Richness.

Michael Phillips signed with Fidelis Publishing for the July 2023 release of Tribulation Cult: Seeds of Change and Birth of a Remnant.


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What We’re Celebrating

Publisher’s Weekly announced that Kevin Nye’s upcoming book GRACE CAN LEAD US HOME is listed as one of the Top 10 books  for Religion & Spirituality. Read the entire article at Publisher’s Weekly.  


WordServe News June 2022

As this month begins, so does the release of many books this month at WordServe Literary . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Waiting for a sign vol 2Congratulations to Kevin Keating and Core Media Group  on the June 7, 2022 release of Waiting for a Sign Volume 2: Highlights & Inside Stories from a Lifetime of Collecting Baseball Autographs.

If you were a baseball fan in the ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s-or if your passion for the game and its history is more recent-Waiting for a Sign will be a page-turner you can’t put down. Kevin Keating spent his youth collecting autographs from some of the biggest stars baseball has ever produced. Along the way he befriended many of the most familiar names in the history of sports. Through those friendships, Keating collected not just autographs, but behind-the-scenes stories that are must-reads for any baseball fan. In this collection of narratives, Keating builds on the success of his first volume as he introduces you to Roberto Clemente, Chuck Connors, Casey Stengel, Warren Spahn, George Brett, Bob Feller, Buck O’Neil, George Sisler, Paul Gleason, Mark McGwire, and many others. Here are the stories behind the autographs that reveal the person inside the player.

Congratulations to Elishaba Doerksen and Core Media Group  on the January 2022 release of Out of the Wilderness,

Elishaba Doerksen was the oldest of fifteen children born to ex-hippies Robert and Kurina Hale—also known as Papa Pilgrim and Country Rose. Elishaba grew up in a dilapidated 342-square-foot log cabin in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico, isolated from civilization by a fundamentalist father intent on keeping his large family cloistered from a godless world. When she was nineteen, Papa Pilgrim began taking liberties with Elishaba in unimaginable ways and beating her—and her siblings—when he judged them to be “rebellious.”

The horrific sexual and physical abuse continued after the family moved to a remote valley in the Alaska wilderness. After ten years of terrifying mistreatment, Elishaba gathered her courage to make a run for it on a snowmobile. What happens next is the basis for a powerful, dramatic story about perseverance, faith, and redemption, as well as forgiveness.

This is the first time that Elishaba has told her side of a story that garnered national attention with major articles in the Washington Post, NPR, and Outside magazine as well as a significant buzz on social media. She needed time to heal, but now she’s ready to tell the world what it was like living with Papa Pilgrim—and how she overcame some of the worst trauma a daughter can experience at the hands of a father.

Congratulations to Sarah Varland and Love Inspired Publications  on the August 23,  2022 release of Tracking the Truth (Love Inspired Suspense: K-9 Unit). 2 Thrilling Stories

A dangerous search for justice.  Alaskan Showdown by Sarah Varland

After finding the body of a missing hiker in her small Alaska town, search-and-rescue dog handler Adriana Steele becomes the target of a serial killer thought to have been inactive for decades. Now Adriana’s determined to help Officer Levi Wicks catch the murderer. But with the cold case heating up, the jaded officer is all that stands between her and death.

Cold Case Trail by Sharee Stover

Temporarily working in the cold case division was supposed to mean less danger for state trooper Trey Jackson and his injured K-9 partner, Magnum—until they thwart an abduction. Now he must protect profiler Justine Stark, even as she blames him for her friend’s death ten years ago. Can he right past wrongs by finally solving the murder…and making sure Justine lives to find closure?

Congratulations to Sarah Varland and Love Inspired Publications  on the August 23,  2022 release of Secrets at the Summit (Love Inspired Suspense). 2 Thrilling Stories

Seeking the truth could be deadly.  Alaska Secrets by Sarah Varland

When her first love, Seth Connors, is attacked in the Alaskan wilderness, former police officer Ellie Hardison knows the crime is linked to his sister’s unsolved murder. This time, she won’t stop until she finds the culprits—even if it means joining Seth undercover. With one last chance to find justice, success could bring Ellie and Seth back together…and failure could prove fatal.

Covert Cover-Up by Elizabeth Goddard

Private investigator Katelyn Bradley rushes to help when she suspects a burglary at her neighbor Beck Goodwin’s house—and arrives just in time to save him. The widowed dad is convinced the attack is linked to his wife’s mysterious death, and now Katelyn is a target, too. Trapped in someone’s crosshairs, can Beck and Katelyn uncover his late wife’s lethal secrets…and keep each other alive?

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Elizabeth Goddard


Jennifer Strickland signed with Faith Happenings for the 2023 re-release of Girl Perfect.


New Clients

 Rinnah Shaw, Arianna Molloy Yeh, Brady Crytzer, Craig Von Buseck, David Sunde, and Mike Acker recently signed with WordServe.  Welcome!

What We’re Celebrating

Congratulations to Candace Camling.  Pray and Think Imaginative Rosary Book won FIRST PLACE in the Association of Catholic Publishers’ Excellence in Publishing Awards in the Children’s Books: Picture Book category! Read the article at:  https://www.catholicpublishers.org/2022-publishing-award-winners. 


Carol AwardCongratulations to Sara Davison.  The Carol Awards has announced that Sara is a finalist in two different categories, Romantic Suspense and Novella)



Romantic Suspense

Driven by Sara Davison
Mountain Brook Ink
Editors: Miralee Ferrell and Alyssa Roat



Star Light (part of The Heart of Christmas Anthology) by Sara Davison

Editor: Deb Elkink


The Carol Awards are ACFW’s recognition for the best Christian fiction published by traditional publishing houses in the previous calendar year.

For more information about the Carol Awards: https://acfw.com/acfw-contests/carol-awards

WordServe News May 2022

As this month begins, so does the release of many books this month at WordServe Literary . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

100 days angerCongratulations to Stephen Arterburn and Aspire Publishing  on the April 5, 2022 release of 100 Days to Freedom from Anger: Daily Devotional.

Anger creates difficulties in relationships, feeds bitterness, and allows shame to dominate lives. Readers of this devotional need help with anger—their own or that of someone they care about.

Stephen Arterburn and the counselors at New Life Ministries want to help readers understand and learn to control what drives the powerful emotion of anger as well as its effects. Targeted daily devotions help readers explore sources of anger; surrender attitudes, temper, and emotions to God; and begin to experience life where peace rules. 100 Days to Freedom from Anger is designed to help the reader journey to freedom from anger and the control it has over life, making lasting changes to better reflect the nature of God, who is slow to anger, filled with unfailing love, and forgiving.

Congratulations to Candy Marballi and Ellie Claire Gifts on the May 3rd release of He Hears Her Voice: Growing Closer to God Through Prayer.

Discover a simple approach to prayer with this useful guide and see how it gives you the power to transform your life.

Candy Marballi discovered that declaring the promises of God through prayer led to untold blessings and opportunities. One prayer comprised of ten themes (grace, love, compassion, repentance, worship, commitment, dependence, influence, discipleship, and authority) will refresh your prayer-life. He Hears Her Voice is a prayer strategy that offers proven steps to guide you to a richer relationship with God.  Filled with vivid personal stories, meditative scripture, beautiful hymns, and meaningful prayers, this devotional provides a grounding worship experience. He Hears Her Voice will change the way we pray—and equip a generation of women to live boldly in their faith.

God and me at the seaCongratulations to Shelley Kinder and Kregel Publishing  on the May 17th release of God and Me at the Sea.

“I feel God’s love. So strong. So deep.

I whirl! I twirl! I skip! I leap!”

Have you ever felt God’s love so deeply that you wanted to sing and dance? That’s just how this little girl feels! In a sunny beach setting, she praises God with her whole heart–and her whole body! Singing, dancing, and drumming on her sand bucket, she has the most joy-filled time playing . . . a natural time to worship that we often forget.

In God and Me at the Sea, Shelley Kinder uses language natural to children and draws on rhythm and movement to show how all-encompassing the experience of praise can be. There’s no heavy, preachy tone here, just a light-hearted girl who shows kids 3 to 8 how to love and worship God.

Accompanied by vivid, expressive illustrations, God and Me at the Sea opens children’s eyes to the glory of God’s creation, and how powerful and rewarding worship can be.

The best worst dad jokesCongratulations to Sandy Silberthorne on the May 17, 2022 release of The Best Worst Dad Jokes.

When a man becomes a dad, he takes on certain responsi-bilities: providing for his family, raising up his children to be good citizens–and telling the absolute worst jokes he can come up with. But dad jokes don’t always come naturally, which is why Sandy Silverthorne created The Best Worst Dad Jokes. Filled with more than 500 groan worthy jokes to torment your kids, this collection makes it possible for dads to fill any moment of dead air with a joke that will have everyone within hearing distance rolling their eyes and edging away to avoid association with you. Jokes like . .

Two Hundred TuesdaysCongratulations to Dianne Derby  and NavPress  on the May 17, 2022 release of  Two Hundred Tuesdays: What a Pearl Harbor Survivor Taught Me about Life, Love, and Faith.

This is the story of how casual Tuesday meetings about friendship, leadership, mentoring, parenting, and marriage―and the sacred thread through it all―led to an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

When Dianne Derby arrived as a news anchor in Colorado Springs, she was hungry for approval, affirmation, and connections. She raced from one event to the next, capturing stories and sound bites. Everything changed when she met centenarian Jim Downing at a luncheon for World War II veterans. At the time, Jim was the second-oldest living survivor of Pearl Harbor. Jim asked Dianne an important question: “Would you like to meet the most fulfilled person you’ll ever know? You’re looking at him.”

Dianne and Jim began meeting on Tuesdays, where eventually she invited her followers into their dialogues with dozens of videos on Facebook Live, where viewers could learn from Jim just as she had. With thousands of views, the chats struck a chord with people who were hungry for a meaningful life. Over the course of five years, Jim Downing taught Dianne Derby to slow down; to embrace only what is true, real, and good; and to live a life of significance. She delivered a eulogy at his funeral, a memorial service that was broadcast for the world. His lessons live on in her stories, her friendships, and the significance of her work as a journalist, a mother, a wife, and a follower of Christ.

Congratulations to Jamie Sumner and Simon & Schuster Publishing on the May 31st release of The Summer of June.

Twelve-year-old June Delancey is kicking summer off with a bang. She shaves her head and sets two goals: she will beat her anxiety and be the lion she knows she can be, instead of the mouse everyone sees. And she and her single mama will own their power as fierce, independent females.

With the help of Homer Juarez, the poetry-citing soccer star who believes in June even when she doesn’t believe in herself, she starts a secret library garden and hatches a plan to make her dreams come true. But when her anxiety becomes too much, everything begins to fall apart. It’s going to take more than a haircut and some flowers to set things right. It’s going to take courage and friends and watermelon pie. Forget second chances. This is the summer of new beginnings.

Congratulations to Ace Collins and Tyndale Publishers on the June 17th release of Geared-Up Faith for Classic Car Buffs: Devotions to Help You Reflect, Recharge, and Restore.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!
Classic car aficionado Ace Collins cruises through automotive history with engaging stories that spotlight some of America’s most admired vintage vehicles. Along with the interesting anecdotes, you’ll find fascinating facts about sought-after cars, starting with the 1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash and accelerating through the decades to the premiere of the Ford Mustang in 1964. Each featured model has an accompanying photograph showcasing cars such as the Ford Model T, Cord L-29, Cadillac Sixteen, Corvette, Thunderbird, and more. With high-octane biblical wisdom injected into each entry, your faith will be ignited, and your connection to God will grow. This is the perfect gift for the avid car collector, restorer, or hobbyist, or the vintage car fan who is seeking encouragement from God’s Word.

Congratulations to Mark Atteberry and Henderickson Publishers on the June 29th release of Troublemakers in the Church: Dealing with the Difficult, the Dangerous, and the Deadly.

Most people would agree that the church is an amazing concept―the idea that people who share faith in Christ can worship and serve together and enjoy sweet fellowship that has love, forgiveness, and mutual support as its hallmarks. But the reality is often quite different.

When people who are part of the church behave in ways that are thoughtless, selfish, and even vicious, then that shining ideal dims drastically and people get wounded, sometimes never to recover. Suddenly, the one place in the community that should symbolize hope and light becomes a house of horror. Why does this happen?

The easy answer is to point an accusing finger at Satan, but what about our own culpability? Troublemakers in the Church: Dealing with the Difficult, the Dangerous, and the Deadly identifies twenty-five types of troublesome church members and offers insights on how to deal with them, while also offering a specific plan for how to build a church culture that manages and minimizes trouble.


KC Campbell signed with John Wiley & Sons for the August 2023 release of  Flying in the Face of Fear.

Jamie Sumner signed with Simon &Schuster for the January 2024 release of Deep Water.

Sean Castle signed with WordServe Literary for the release of Turn off the Noise and Get Started.

Jessica Cruickshank signed with NavPress for the May 2023 release of Extraordinary Discipleship.

Bill Myers signed with Fidelis Publishing for the December 2023 release of Rendezvous with God, Volumes 3 and 4.

New Clients

 Darren Manley, Sandra Bretting, and Ruth Goring recently signed with WordServe.  Welcome!

What We’re Celebrating

On the SpectrumCongratulations to Daniel Bowman, Jr. His book, “On the Spectrum” has been named,  Book of the Year by the Academy of Parish Clergy. 

Read the entire article at https://rushtopress.org/on-the-spectrum-by-daniel-bowman-jr-named-book-of-the-year-by-the-academy-of-parish-clergy/


Congratulations to Jamie Erickson.  Her book Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God, and Teach Your Child with Confidence has hit 25,000 in sales!

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