Life came to a standstill, in an instant.
Or did it?

Life moved into slow motion.
Or did it?

Or is this when God escalated life and what living really means?

Or is this when I finally understood what “chasing after the wind”
sings to us in the Book of Ecclesiastes? (Do we really listen and hear what it says?)

It is true life as we knew it stopped on December 3, 2011.
Our daughter walked into an airplane propeller, by accident, and almost died.
Because of this tragedy, we are reminded, once again, of the things that really matter in this life. It again reminds us to think from an eternal perspective instead of our shallow temporal point of view.

I’ve tried to sit back these last 5 months and ferociously attempt to gather my thoughts. There are so many, at times, that my mind wanders aimlessly, and I find myself frustrated trying to capture it all.

How could this have happened? Why did this happen? Were we ready spiritually for such a time as this? Was she? How did we function when we had no idea if our daughter would live or die?

But God continues to calm my spirit  and remind me of eternity. He reminds me that He is Father and of all the good things He has given me.

  • The warmth of my husband’s embrace
  • The relationship I have with my daughters
  • A good night’s rest
  • The Power of the Bible
  • Warm comfy blankets and puffy pillows
  • The comfort of prayer
  • The taste of a good cup of coffee
  • The depth of our friendships
  • The depth of love
  • The real definition of patience
  • What family is really about
  • The blessings of our favorite breakfast spot

So I beg to ask the questions:

Does it have to take a tragedy for us to never take life for granted?
Does it take being forced into a situation to truly trust our King Jesus and live our lives for Him, rather than ourselves?

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