WordServe April News 2023

We are excited to announce the new Spring book releases .  Here are our in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Jaime Sumner and Atheneum Books for on the April 4th release of Time to Roll.

In the eagerly anticipated sequel to Jamie Sumner’s acclaimed and beloved middle grade novel Roll with It, Ellie finds her own way to shine.

Ellie is so not the pageant type. They’re Coralee’s thing, and Ellie is happy to let her talented friend shine in the spotlight. But what’s she supposed to do when Coralee asks her to enter a beauty pageant, and their other best friend, Bert, volunteers to be their manager? Then again, how else is she going to get through this summer with her dad, who barely knows her, while her mom is off on her honeymoon with Ellie’s amazing gym teacher? Ellie decides she has nothing to lose.

There’s only one problem: the director of the pageant seems determined to put Ellie and her wheelchair front and center. So it’s up to Ellie to figure out a way to do it on her own terms and make sure her friendships don’t fall apart along the way. Through it all, from thrift store deep dives to disastrous dance routines, she begins to form her own definition of beauty and what it means to really be seen.

Congratulations to Marcus Brotherton with Tosca Lee and Fleming H. Revell Company for on the May 2nd release of The Long March Home.

Jimmy Propfield joined the army for two reasons: to get out of Mobile, Alabama, with his best friends Hank and Billy and to forget his high school sweetheart, Claire.

Life in the Philippines seems like paradise–until the morning of December 8, 1941, when news comes from Manila: Imperial Japan has bombed Pearl Harbor. Within hours, the teenage friends are plunged into war as enemy warplanes attack Luzon, beginning a battle for control of the Pacific Theater that will culminate with a last stand on the Bataan Peninsula and end with the largest surrender of American troops in history.

What follows will become known as one of the worst atrocities in modern warfare: the Bataan Death March. With no hope of rescue, the three friends vow to make it back home together. But the ordeal is only the beginning of their nearly four-year fight to survive.

Inspired by true stories, The Long March Home is a gripping coming-of-age tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the power of unrelenting hope.

Congratulations to Daniel G Amen, MD and Tyndale Publishing for on the May 9th release of Conquer Your Negative Thoughts: The Secret to Emotional Freedom and Happiness.

Don’t let negative thoughts steal your happiness. . . learn to take charge of your thoughts and rewire your brain.

Thoughts that we allow to circle again and again in our minds build ruts or roads in the brain, making those thoughts more likely to dominate and control our lives. But we aren’t doomed to feel down when life doesn’t go our way.

In Conquer Your Negative Thoughts, psychiatrist and clinical neuroscientist Dr. Daniel G. Amen applies his knowledge of how the mind works to help you take back control of your thoughts, consistently generate positive feelings, and master your emotions no matter your age, income, or situation. By retraining your brain to focus on happiness and purpose, you’ll feel healthier, calmer, and more resilient and be fully prepared to face life’s ups and downs.

Conquer Your Negative Thoughts offers readers:

A great resource for those dealing with anxiety and depression
Key insights from an expert in his field
Tools to change your mental habits based on science
Real-life case studies
Bible verses to help conquer negative thoughts

Empower yourself to change your mind’s habits and improve your mental health, for good.

Congratulations to Linda MacKillop and B&H Kids for on the June 6th release of Hotel Oscar Mike Echo.

Home isn’t always what we dream it will be. 

Eleven-year-old Sierra just wants a normal life. After her military mother returns from the war overseas, the two hop from home to homelessness while Sierra tries to help her mom through the throes of PTSD.  

When they end up at a shelter for women and children, Sierra is even more aware of what her life is not. The kind couple who run the shelter, Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin, attempt to show her parental love as she faces the uncertainties of her mom’s emotional health and the challenges of being the brand-new poor kid in middle school. The longer she stays at the shelter, the more Sierra realizes she may have to face an impossible choice as she redefines home.

This middle-grade novel offers a compassionate look at poverty, homelessness, and hope. Readers walk alongside brave Sierra as she holds on to a promise she believes God gave her: that one day she will have a real home. But what if that promise looks far different than she has ever dreamed? 


 Zoe Shaw signed with Penquin Randon House for the 2024 release of Reckon With Her and Get Over Your Mother.

Bill Myers signed with Fidelis Publishing for the 2024 release of Rendezvous with God, Volumes Five and Six.

New Clients

Robert Bruce Jamieson III recently signed with WordServe.  Welcome!

What We’re Celebrating

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Amen for making the ECPA Best seller’s list. His book “Change Your Brain Every Day” is #5 on the Christian bestseller list.


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