WordServe News February 2023

February is the moth of love.  Who doesn’t LOVE a good book!  Here are our in new books, authors and news . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Sandy Silverthorne  and Revel Publishing for on the February 28th release of Kids’ Big Questions for God: 101 Things You Want to Know.

How old is God? Who created God? Why does bad stuff happen? Will there be animals in heaven? Why did God create mosquitoes? (They won’t be in heaven, will they?)

Nobody asks more honest questions than kids. But parents don’t always have ready answers, especially about the BIG things (and let’s face it, to a kid, there are a lot of BIG things). Cartoonist, author, illustrator, and comedian Sandy Silverthorne is here to help! In this winsome book, he tackles 101 questions kids ask about God and the world, offering honest, biblically based answers. His quirky cartoons and interactive fill-in-the-blank pages will keep kids engaged, and the information he provides will open up conversations with your kids that will help them explore their faith, consider God’s plans for their lives, and understand just how much God loves and cares for them.

Perfect for kids ages 6-8, this fun book is great for sparking conversation over breakfast, reading before bed, and all those in-between times when kids’ minds are coming up with more questions to ask!

Congratulations to Lyndsey Medford and Broadleaf Books on the March 7th release of My Body and Other Crumbling Empires: Lessons for Healing in a World That Is Sick. 

We are living in a world that is sick. Both literally sick, with 60 percent of adults in the US living with a chronic illness and rising rates of autoimmune diseases in particular, including long COVID, and figuratively sick, facing ever increasing rates of burnout, anxiety, and disconnection.

As a writer, activist, and theology student, Lyndsey Medford was used to critiquing unsustainable medical, environmental, economic, and social systems from a theoretical perspective. But when her autoimmune disorder roared out of remission, she discovered that her own body’s systems lived at the very real vortex of all those systems’ dysfunction.

Learning to cooperate with her body would require her to change every aspect of her life–and in the process, to seek a radical reimagining of the world, from a place where sickness is an individual affliction to an interdependent ecosystem where sustainability is a community way of life. In this beautiful and inspiring book, Medford draws on her experiences with a rare autoimmune disease to illuminate the broader lessons we need to learn, in order to heal what ails us individually and communally. Whether our burnout stems from illness, systemic racism, poverty, or simply sin’s separation, we’re all in need of hope, and we are called to heal together.

My Body and Other Crumbling Empires points out the beauty and ubiquity of our limitations; the importance of accessibility, broadly construed; the interconnected nature of individual and public health; and the badly needed wisdom we have gained from living with our particular bodies.

Congratulations to Shannon K. Evans and Brazos Press on the March 21st release of Feminist Prayers for My Daughter: Powerful Petitions for Every Stage of Her Life.

This book of prayers for mothers to pray for their daughters covers every age and stage of a woman’s life from birth to death, imagining God in ways that most deeply connect with the feminine experience.


Congratulations to Jessica Hooten Wilson and Brazos Press on the March 28th release of Reading for theLove of God: How to Read as a Spiritual Practice.

What if we viewed reading as not just a personal hobby or a pleasurable indulgence but a spiritual practice that deepens our faith?

In Reading for the Love of God, award-winning author Jessica Hooten Wilson does just that–and then shows readers how to reap the spiritual benefits of reading. She argues that the simple act of reading can help us learn to pray well, love our neighbor, be contemplative, practice humility, and disentangle ourselves from contemporary idols.

Accessible and engaging, this guide outlines several ways Christian thinkers–including Augustine, Julian of Norwich, Frederick Douglass, and Dorothy L. Sayers–approached the act of reading. It also includes useful special features such as suggested reading lists, guided practices to approaching texts, and tips for meditating on specific texts or Bible passages. By learning to read for the love of God, readers will discover not only a renewed love of reading but also a new, vital spiritual practice to deepen their walk with God.



Christy Bauman signed with Penguin Random House for the March 2024 release of Her Rites.

Monica DiCristina signed with Worthy Publishing for the October 2024 release of A Therapist’s Invitation to Owning Your Story.

Jared Frederick and John Homan signed with Regnery Publishing for the February 2024 release of Into the Cold Blue.

Caroline Faussel signed with Tyndale House for the November 2024 release of The Intentionalist.

Natalie Ryan Runion signed with David C Cook for the September 2024 release of Whispers and Roars 

New Clients

Meryl Herr, Eric Clayton and Mario Madera-Rodriguez  recently signed with WordServe.  Welcome!

What We’re Celebrating


Congratulations to Jamie Sumner.  Her sequel to “Roll With It”, Time To Roll, is featured in Motherly’s Best Kids Books for 2023.  Read about all of the suggested books at Motherly.


Congratulations to Marcus Brotherton. His upcoming release of The Long March Home receive a great blog review and also received a starred review from PW.  Read the entire review at PW.

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