WordServe News July 2022

July is a month that more people are reading books than releasing books . . . our highlights below include new releases, contracts signed, notable reviews and PR events, new authors to the agency and other news of note by clients and agents.

New Releases

Congratulations to Stephen Arterburn with Stacey Sadler and Salem Books on the August 2, 2022 release of Understanding and Loving Your Child As a Single Parent.

Twenty-first century how-to advice that embraces and celebrates the role of  the single parent and the children those parents love, from the author of the internationally best-selling Understanding Your Child series, and host of New Life Live!, the nation’s number one Christian call-in counseling show.
Answers to Questions Unique to Single Parenting
Whether you have always been a single parent, or lost a spouse to death or divorce, the stress of raising healthy, well-adjusted children while trying to make ends meet can feel overwhelming at times. Where can a single parent get some help?

Syndicated radio host Stephen Arterburn has spent years fielding those types of questions on his show, so he teamed up with a board member of New Life Live!—trained clinician and successful single parent of now-adult children Stacey Sadler—to put the answers into the pages of this book. Some of the many topics covered are:

*How to manage your emotions well
*How to let your kids be kids
*How to trust God to be your co-parent
*How to grow comfortable with and receive more practical help from others in your community
*Rejecting a mindset of victimhood and embracing thankfulness
*Knowing if you’re ready to date—and how to handle that with your kids

Indeed, you were not designed to shoulder the load of parenting your children all by yourself—but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed at it. Understanding and Loving Your Child as a Single Parent will provide the tools you need not only to survive this challenge, but to thrive within it—and set your child up for a successful life, too.

Congratulations to Stephen Arterburn with Connie Clark, PhD and Salem Books on the August 2, 2022 release of Understanding and Loving Your Bonus Child.

Nontraditional families now outnumber nuclear families in the U.S.—including blended families.

Statistics show that approximately 40 percent of all married parents nationwide have children from a previous marriage or relationship. If you’re one of them, you didn’t just find a partner when you got married—you got a bonus!

As beautiful as that is, the situation also comes with challenges. Not only do you have to find your footing with your new spouse—which takes time, patience, and communications even when no one else is in the household—you must navigate those relationship with your and/or your spouse’s children as well. Not to mention that if you and your new spouse both have children, you must help them work out their issues with each other!

Syndicated radio hose Stephen Arterburn gets questions about this from listeners all the time, so he’s partnered with Connie Clark to help adults with bonus children

  • manage their own stress, and help their children manage theirs;
  • overcome common difficulties;
  • develop healthy communication patterns and interpersonal skills;
  • find common ground with their new spouse with issues arise over the ids, and
  • find ways to have fun and increase happiness together.

Congratulations to Jean S. Barnes with Jessica Wrasman and Elk Lake Publishing on the May 9, 2022 release of Wise Woman Within: Living from the Wisdom Within.

Living from the Wisdom Within

“My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, you, God, will not despise.” (Psalm 51:17)

Two women, one 80+ and one 30+, in very different seasons of life, chat about how they each are learning to find and listen to the voice of wisdom that God planted within their truest soul. Some trial, lots of error, but with increasing success—they have learned the secret to connecting to the Wise Woman Within—who speaks truth and wisdom and spiritual insight, who helps steer us away from danger and disaster, who helps us speak and live in balance and love.

“May the flickering light of truth be passed to you, as if my candlestick might dip to light yours, illuminating a path a little less dark, a little more clear for you and yours as you undertake this brave and fierce work of finding the ‘Wise Woman Within.’” (WWW)


Katie Powner signed with Baker Publishing for the October 2023 release of When The Morning Wind Blows.

Michael Ross with Dan Shields signed for the October 2023 release of Relational Richness.

Michael Phillips signed with Fidelis Publishing for the July 2023 release of Tribulation Cult: Seeds of Change and Birth of a Remnant.


New Clients

 David Grantham, Jay Hewitt, Daniel Ritchie, Sam Wickey, and Dan Shields recently signed with WordServe.  Welcome!

What We’re Celebrating

Publisher’s Weekly announced that Kevin Nye’s upcoming book GRACE CAN LEAD US HOME is listed as one of the Top 10 books  for Religion & Spirituality. Read the entire article at Publisher’s Weekly.  


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