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My brother got married a couple of months ago, and our family forever changed. I gained a new sister, a new twist on life, AND a bigger family. My dad performed the ceremony and I sat with him and my brother two nights before the wedding around our kitchen table listening to them go over the vows – vows to honor and cherish and grow old.

Vows carry a certain kind of weight. In the past few weeks, I’ve found it necessary to make a different kind of vow. Not a vow to another person, a job, task, or event. I am making a vow to myself.

Kariss - Shaken in storesI am a writer. Period. End of any wondering or questions. I have all the dreams and insecurities that come with the itch of fingers to grab a pen and hit the paper.

I am a writer, and within a week of beginning work with my editor on Shaken, I emailed my mentor and told her I thought I needed to start the whole book over. I felt like I need to somehow make it better. I did that with my second book, Shadowed, too. Now my goal is to make each book better than the last.

I am a writer. We can be our own worst enemies. We can also be our own greatest advocates because NO ONE can make me finish the job but myself.

I am a writer, and I type THE END for my own benefit. It will never be perfect. But it can be something I am proud of once I push past the insecurities and just finish.

I am a writer, and I notice people in a different way. This gives me the unique desire to figure out how God wired them, to value their quirks and struggles, and to cheer them on in their successes. I know the best kind of character is one who reflects what God has already created – people. So I’ve learned to value each person individually and love his or her uniqueness.

I am a writer. I can be introverted or extroverted, depending on the situation. I can be equally emotional and analytical, which can sometimes be confusing.

I am a writer. I know the power of words, the pain they can wield or the healing they can bring.

I am a writer. I can stand back and observe a scene, using words to paint a whimsical picture or one cloaked in shadows.

I am a writer, and from what I’ve heard, we subsist on coffee and chocolate. Of course, I can’t personally verify this.

Kariss - Courage quoteI am a writer, and with that comes the necessity to be uniquely myself while God continues to mold me in the process. But when I fail to be who God made me to be, I miss out on being part of the story He is weaving in and through me. When the insecurities or the pride creep in, I vow to fight and write, because no one can write a story exactly like I can.

No one can reach my audience quite like I can.

No one can speak or create or brainstorm or think quite like I can.

I am a writer, but I am only one part of a whole community. Together, we reach a wide audience. Individually, we touch specific hearts, those that are, for one reason or another, particularly attracted to the stories placed on our hearts. When I fail to be unapologetically myself, my readers and those in my life miss out. I miss out.

So this is my writer’s vow. I vow to be unapologetically myself, to be the person, the writer, that God made me to be. I vow to grow in this craft, knowing I will fail and knowing I will succeed. I am a writer, and I want to be part of this beautiful story God is writing with my life, not just an unwilling participant.

What lessons have you learned as you grow to be the best writer YOU can be?

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  1. I love this post! It is inspirational. It makes me want to start putting words on paper ( or computer screen) Right Now! I need to pin this above my desk for those times when I am feeling uncreative and unmotivated to write. Great job!

  2. As I read this wonderful post, I mentally checked off all the points that described me as a writer. So many of us out there, out here, struggle with finding that sweet spot of knowing who we are as a writer and what it means to be one. You have just nailed it so well. Thank you!

  3. What an encouraging post! It’s nice to hear someone who thinks like me. Sometimes I feel so isolated. My husband thinks I am a bit insane for always wanting to understand what makes people tick. I think it drives him crazy! Maybe I should start a writer’s group in my area.

    1. My friends think I am a little weird there, too, and it has definitely prompted some conversations. I think my biggest thing is just accepting that this is how God wired me, being okay with it, learning to explain it, knowing not everyone will get it, and remembering God called it beautiful. AND I’m not alone! I definitely think connecting with other writers in your area or online is beneficial!

  4. Congrat’s on Shaken and Shadowed. I took the vow years ago to be a writer. I am a writer. And I vow to continue to do my very best with the talent God has given me. P.S. Love Billy Graham’s quote with your post. And love your post!

  5. Great post. I Am A Writer. That’s what I keep telling myself. I struggle with punctuation, showing not telling, sentence structure etc. However, I am a writer! With over 100 inspirational poems, and and the outline for three books. The challenge is daunting but the calling to write is a must.

    Tank you for this post. I needed it!

  6. This reminds me of a movie I watched recently, about a teacher who taught a boy to say this same phrase, “I am a writer”. Speaking it is going to make it more concrete in my mind. Hello, I am Michelle, and I am a writer. 😀

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