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Authors are constantly on the lookout for the best marketing tips and ideas. We want to get our books in the hands of as many readers as possible. This isn’t always just from the monetary end either; most authors I know truly believe in the message of their book. They believe it will help people and have a true desire to enrich the lives of their readers.The Best Author Marketing Tool

But sometimes it seems every where we turn, someone’s spouting a new marketing trick. I can’t remember how many posts and articles I’ve read about marketing. Some of the ideas are great, like the Hope and Trust Chronicles put on my by some of my favorite authors.

Then there are the not so great ideas, like buying fake Twitter followers. It’s not all about the numbers; it’s about connecting with people. Purchasing fake followers is a misrepresentation in my opinion.

The best marketing tool you have is you. The content you write and how you interact with people on your website, your social media sites, and in person is the most influential marketing you will ever do. Because if you do this with sincerity, passion, and genuine caring, your readers will talk about you.

And there is nothing that carries more weight than word of mouth. Think about it. You’re trying to decide between purchasing two books and your best friend comes up. She points to the book in your right hand. “You have to buy this book. It’s the best book I’ve read in years. And the author’s website has these amazing behind the scenes looks and a free e-book you can download. I’d loan you my copy, but I already gave it to my mom, and you shouldn’t wait until she’s done with it. It’s too good not to start today.”

Which book are you going to purchase? The one with the prettier cover, or the one your friend is raving about?

Invest in your readers. They’re real people and worth your very best. And if you invest in them, don’t just look at them as numbers, they’ll invest in you.

And that’s the best marketing tool a writer can have.

What are some great marketing efforts you’ve seen? What is the best marketing tool you’ve used? What’s a marketing endeavour you’d never do again?

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Melissa K. Norris is a 5th generation homesteader who believes homegrown and Mason jars should be the foundation of every kitchen and healthy food can also taste amazing, life is too short for anything else. She’s the voice of the popular Pioneering Today podcast, author of The Made-from-Scratch Life and Hand Made, and founder of the Pioneering Today Academy, along with her blog at she teaches people old-fashioned skill sets and back to basic living in a modern world. When she had her stomach and esophagus biopsied for cancer nearly a decade ago, she and her husband were determined to raise more of their own food in the footsteps of our ancestors for their health and peace of mind. While still working day jobs, sometimes multiple ones, they raise all of their own organic grass-fed beef, pork, meat chickens, hens for eggs and close to 65% of their own fruits and vegetables in just a few hours a week. Some of Melissa’s earliest memories are of being in the vegetable garden. Her family has been saving their own strain of heirloom Tarheel green pole beans for over 100 years. They grow an all heirloom garden, seed save, and try to produce as much of their own food because they believe a garden isn’t just food for the body, but food for the soul as well. They strive to produce a year’s worth of food with as many crops as possible and heirloom tomatoes are one of those, even in the rainy Pacific Northwest and with a short growing season, because once you go vine ripened, you’ll never go back.

11 thoughts on “The Best Marketing Tool

  1. Buying fake twitter followers, it’s so funny and not at the same time 🙂 I think my best work has just been putting in the time and building relationships. I know it will serve me well when I am published. Thanks for the great advice.

  2. Wow, awesome post! And such a powerful example! Interacting positively with readers, making them your trusted friends, is the best way to sell your books. Great stuff!

    • Thanks, Jessica. It really is. I consider my readers friends and have found they enrich my life so much. Some of the conversations I’ve had with them through social media have been wonderful heart moments.

  3. I echo what Jessica wrote in her comment. My dear friends are the ones most excited about my latest book coming out in November; they plan to buy multiple copies for gifts–bless them! Thanks for this wonderful post.

    • Leslie, you’re welcome! I think a cup of calamine tea would go good, too. I’m a new fan and growing my own, so any time I think calming, that’s where I go.

  4. Very true. As a marketer, I’d learned a lot about internet marketing; how to make tweaks to “trick” search engines to control its results. But I still believe in the old fashioned, tried and tested way of marketing which is great content; either useful or entertaining, spreading your work, and the best of all, word of mouth. If you have knowledge to help people or the talent to entertain, and willing to work hard to spread the information, you’re good to go.

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