The Surprising Thing About Book Influencers

My first book is almost a reality. In fact, a box could show up on my doorstep any day.

This stage of the process is humbling because I have to rely on busy people to read and help promote my book. At this point, I reminded myself that I’m not only working to promote myself, but I’m also working for the publisher who put so much faith into my project. That makes it a little easier to do the asking.

Two weeks ago, my publisher’s marketing gal, Cat, asked me make a list of all the media people and influencers who would read and promote my book. Media people? I only know the PR guy at Focus on the Family and a baseball sports announcer.


Cat said media and influencers can be anyone who has a large audience. That means bloggers, authors, and speakers.  With that being the case, it turns out I know a lot of influencer and media peeps.  So, I collected names and addresses and passed them on to my publisher. Now hard copies are on the way to their doorsteps, too.

So what have I learned that I can share with you? Authors shouldn’t just ask for help from friends. They should ask for help from strangers, and big-time famous people.


You will be amazed at who says yes (and who says no). When I put out the word, I had some interesting responses: Some of my friends said they were too busy but if I passed along a copy, they’d try to get to it. Another friend hasn’t responded at all. Conversely, famous people I never thought I’d hear back from said, “Sure, I’d be honored.” Others went above and beyond: “You bet, and why don’t you let me put your book in a giveaway at my retreat and I’ll write a special feature about you” or “Hey, I’ll mention you at this event.”

Even strangers can have a powerful impact on your sales. I read a few articles that said if you can find top reviewers from Amazon to read and review your book, it can boost your sales. Finding someone within the top 500 is considered a coup. So yesterday I sent out four inquiries to reviewers who are interested in my genre. Two top-50 reviewers responded, “Sure, send the book.”

Feel free to read the articles about Amazon Top Reviewers here:

I guess the moral of the story is reach out to everyone, pray for the best, and don’t get hurt or upset when people say no. Lots of people will come out to support you.

If you’re a published author, how did you find people to promote your book? 

12 Replies to “The Surprising Thing About Book Influencers”

    1. Kathleen, I appreciate you taking time to let me know it was helpful.

  1. Great blog, Lucille. I tend to be shy about asking for help, but when you put it how you did–that’s it’s not just about me, but it’s about supporting the publisher that supports me–that changes everything. Thanks for the excellent post.

    1. Robin, thank you for letting me know you found this new perspective helpful. I used to feel bad about promoting my book all the time. But I realized my publisher took a risk when they agreed to publish it, so I need to do my part. I feel like the book is not mine; it’s ours.

  2. Great post, Lucille. Wonderful tips. You remind me that I didn’t know enough, with my first book, not to approach famous people. So I gave their names to my publisher and several “important” folks read and responded with wonderful reviews.Thanks for the tip that this still works. (And best wishes with your new book!)

    1. Thank you. It’s crazy what we don’t know but God provides anyway, right Patricia? I love your photo.

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