I Have a Secret

Taken at the Denver Chalk Art Festival, June 2012

All good writers and creative-type people need a secret that drives them. The secret should push them to write more, write with superior quality, and write with a theme of hope in all of their WIPs, or even their journal. So far my secret allows me to accomplish all of the above and more.

  1. My secret wakes me up at 5:30 a.m.  Normally, I am an 8 a.m. riser or, more specifically, someone who rolls out of bed, texts something like “god mrning” to my hubby (who has already left for work), and sits on the couch, nursing my cup of coffee with the news on mute because I don’t like noise in the morning. Lately, I have been bright eyed and bushy tailed way before the hubby. So I poke him in the arm until he wakes up. Okay, so the 5:30 a.m. wake-up call isn’t good for everyone.
  2. My secret makes me go to bed at 8 p.m. I still need my 9 hours of sleep despite my early rising habits.
  3. My secret makes me eat healthier (or at least try to). I have consumed a lot more fruits and veggies because of my secret.
  4. My secret makes me more creative. I built a piece of furniture yesterday. Okay, I put together already assembled parts of a completely built piece of furniture. Oh, okay, I held the pieces while my hubby put together the piece of furniture.
  5. My secret makes me cry. Sometimes my secret is so overwhelming that all I can do is cry out to Jesus, asking him to hold me.
  6. My secret makes me laugh. I laugh even when no one else is around and I’m standing in the hamburger aisle at the grocery store, and then someone comes into the same aisle, and I laugh even harder.
  7. My secret makes me read my Bible more. Confession time: I am not a daily Bible reader. I never have been. I am not even a daily devotional reader. But my secret might turn me into one!
  8. My secret makes me love my husband even more. I made him a pan of homemade brownies the other day and called him at work “just because.” Seriously, I love that guy.
  9. My secret makes me exercise more. And not just because I would be the first person to die in The Hunger Games.
  10. My secret is my life, my light, and my joy!

Do you see now why every writer needs a secret? Your secret can be different than mine, but it needs to make you a better person. All good (or even bad) secrets do just that. So your challenge for this next week is to find yourself a secret―one that will push you harder toward your writing goals.

P.S. Some of you already know my secret. Please don’t say anything. 🙂 For the rest of you—guess away. The big secret reveal will take place on my Facebook fan page on Wednesday, June 13.

Q4U: Do you have any secrets that motivate you? If so, what are they? KIDDING! How have they made you a better person? A stronger writer?

20 Replies to “I Have a Secret”

  1. Hmmm. I’m not going to venture a guess; but I have my suspicions about this secret. There are several possibilities I have in mind. I just “liked” your fan page, so I’m sure to see the big reveal.

    Everything you describe is how I feel and act when a big opportunity opens up, such as when Sarah Joy Freese wants to read my manuscript. So I’m guessing that something BIG has happened to you. The opportunity you’ve given this aspiring writer motivates me to work harder, to produce a superb product, and to aim even higher. I push myself; I dig deeper; I apply all the fine-tuning ideas I’m given; I pour my entire self into it. My brain is engaged in this, even in my sleep and as I go throughout my day. I also poke people awake at early hours.

  2. Are you preggers???? 😉 I love all the changes though. Except the early rising. Some things I am not willing to change. 🙂 But everything else I’ve done. I’ve lost 35 lbs and feel great from eating better and exercising all the time. I started the regimen not only to lose weight, but more so because I dream of success. I figure if I’m going to aim for the best in my creative life, then my physical attributes should reflect the same care, discipline, and attention as I attribute to my career. Plus, it’s super awesome to fit into jeans from 15 years ago. 🙂

    I hope you are preggers! It’s the most bestest thing in the world. I also hope you have a son one of these days so he can do to you what mine do to me–pass wind during a four hour car ride, promising you it smells like bacon. Word to the wise: it does NOT smell like bacon.

    1. Two guesses for pregnancy. Well, if I am pregnant, I won’t be losing weight any time soon, that’s for sure. 🙂

      Also, I had an aunt who used to tell people that her toots smelled like roses. They no more smell like roses than like bacon. Although, it would definitely give me a good laugh if my son told me that. I am still trying to not fall for Dutch ovens. Hubby will say, “Let’s cuddle.” And EVERY time, I think, “Oh, he really wants to cuddle.” Never ONCE has he actually wanted to cuddle. 😦

  3. Yes, I’m intrigued as well. I think I know, but I’m not going to guess – I liked your Facebook page so I too wouldn’t be left in the dark!

    It’s certainly amazing how much energy a secret will give people. I giggled when I read #1 because what usually wakes me up early in the morning is “Did I forget to pay that bill?” and after I jump out of bed and find the answer to that question I either #5 or #6. I know those aren’t secrets, but the Dreaded Bill Syndrome definitely keeps me on my toes!

    As to the previous comments, Heather James, I’ve never heard of that one. That’s hilarious! Gotta love the creativity.

  4. I too have a writer’s secret that motivates me to work beyond fatigue. I liked your Facebook Fan page so I can learn yours. Great post, Sarah! We all need something to look forward to.

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