Social Media and Your Book Release

Often, authors ask me what they can do to put their book in the social media limelight. While it is not difficult to accomplish, as we have discussed before, there are a few important steps that you can take to ensure that your book receives the attention it deserves. Here are a few ideas that scratch the surface…

1. Start Immediately I had a client named Dan (all names have been changed to protect the innocent).  Dan had a wonderful book coming out in about six months.  He was so excited, I am sure he felt like he was going to give birth to a baby, or as close as guys get to this feeling (besides kidney stones).  Dan wanted to wait until his book came out to get all social media going.  Although waiting can still be effective, I don’t advise this or think it is best. Make sure you are lined up with all of your social media accounts now. Do you have Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, and maybe even Google Plus?  Make them look pretty. Get your friends and family on board and let them know what you are doing, so they can be your biggest cheerleaders.  Don’t wait. Start today.
2. Start Blogging and Guest Blogging  Here are my three simple rules for having a successful blog:

* Be consistent. Same time, same day.

* Don’t be too wordy or too simple.  500 -700 words is a good mark. Don’t over blog. Sadly, I just unsubscribed to one of my favorite blogs because I would receive two or three updates from that person a day. Save the poetry you like for your Facebook page.

* Be consistent. Oh, I said that? But it is valuable. I want my blogs in my inbox the same time every week.

Guest blogs need to be done strategically.  Pair up with friends who blog as well. Showcase yourself.  It can be a win – win for both of you. Promote it well,  and you both will end the day with a bigger audience.

3. Create A Data Base. Compile an email list and blast it out to all your friends and family.  I use Mail Chimp: it’s easy, it’s free and it does a great job managing a database.  There are some other ones that people have told me about,  author Lucille Zimmerman said that AWeber is great.  Celebrate great reviews, talk about new projects, and keep people on the inside of your circle, making them feel valuable.
4. Give Away Books. When your book is going to come out, encourage your friends and family to buy a copy.  Sure if you are REALLY close to them, you can give them a copy for free, but still get them to buy one and give it to a friend.  (Ever heard of Guerilla Marketing?) If your publisher gives you books to give to your friends and family, tell them they can only have one if they agree to write a review on Amazon after reading it. If your book is about the church, give it to church leaders ask them to help promote your masterpiece.

Get your books in the hands of “tastemakers.”  What is a tastemaker, you ask? Acoording to Urban Dictionary, “Tastemaker: An individual who’s determination of what’s stylish influences a significant quantity or quality of people resulting in a supportive trend.”  A tastemaker is someone who is savvy and all-knowing. It could be your best friend or your coffee shop barista. You want your tastemaker friends to talk about your book; people listen to tastemakers.
What is your best tip to be socially media savvy? 

Ingrid Schneider is WordServe’s resident Marketing Maven. With a specialty in social media, Ingrid loves helping authors find and manage an online tribe of readers. After spending the last 15 years managing and marketing restaurants, people, and businesses, Ingrid knew that helping people market themselves via social media and online platforms was a passion and something at which she excelled. Now doing social media marketing for some great-named authors, Ingrid also loves to imagine that she is a secret agent, because she can’t disclose with whom she is working. (Believe us when we tell you that Ingrid handles some big names, but for anonymity’s sake, we can’t disclose this TOP SECRET information.)  Imagination and creativity is something Ingrid is serious about and loves to incorporate into her work with her clients.

9 Replies to “Social Media and Your Book Release”

  1. I think my best tip is to be interested in the people who respond to you. No one wants to be thought of as merely a number of a fan. They want to be valued as a person. So make sure you look beyond the platform to the people and lives your touching. 🙂

    1. Great one and so true! Thanks for Melissa… just remember your boundaries with your personal world and world as an author… a little balance. 🙂

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about networking and an author platform. Many authors go beserk with blogging and social media *after* their book launch. This is too late.

    It’s like swimming the the 1500m race at the Olympics; by the time you’re warmed up and getting into the rhythm, the race is almost over. However, warming up beforehand (building your platform) ensures you’re as ready as possible for the starting gun (publication date).

  3. Question for you: I had an author who writes erotic fiction ask me if they could include my blog in their newsletter. I didn’t think it would smooth over so well with my publisher and I politely declined. Their comment was, “Any publicity is good publicity.” What do you think? Should a Christian author be anywhere and everywhere regardless of the site’s content?

    1. Jordyn, I assume this was a question for all of us. I personally think your initial instincts were correct and feel it is important to be consistent and discerning with where our names are associated. Shouldn’t we always “be our brand” and shouldn’t readers know what to expect from us? Those are my thoughts. I’m anxious to read what others think on this subject.

    2. Ooooh Jordyn! That’s a good one! Yes, all publicity is good publicity. That would mean if you choosing to put your blog in the limelight of something you may not want to be affiliated with, but then on the other hand, what if those people came to Jesus through your blog being linked to that blog? There are a lot of arguments for both sides on this one. Really, I think that you should live your life above reproach. If that blog, blames, discredits, or disgraces your character in anyway, then no, but if you feel like it could further the kingdom without anyone getting hurt, then go for it… ultimately, prayer is needed in this one. (I would be more on the liberal side of this one, knowing my background, I have been put in some strange situations, and I think that Jesus used me to grow, plant, and water seeds….)

  4. Excellent post, Ingrid. I especially appreciate the tips about “tastemakers”. I hadn’t heard that before.

    1. Oh yes. I love my tastemakers. I work at the same coffee house about three days a week… It is always interesting to hear them talk about music, books, clothes, and what they are reading. Thanks!

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