A Gift for the Holidays – Part I


Do you hear the Master calling?

There’s a twinkle in His eyes and a gift in His hands. Notice how the golden paper glistens with a metallic gleam. And don’t you just love the big, blood red bow?

A present. Just in time for the holidays.

Your Best Friend is excited about your gift. He’s done all the work—choosing what you need most, going to great sacrifice to procure it for you. All that’s left is for you to open it. Won’t you focus on Him and unwrap His gift?

You pull the red bow apart and lift the lid. You can’t see what’s inside, but you can smell it. It smells like lilacs and fresh cut grass and sunshine. You can feel the present, too. It’s solid as iron, soft as a baby’s cheek, and makes you warm all over. You can even hear your gift. One minute it swells with symphonic melody, the next it sings with the sweetness of a child. You can almost taste it on your tongue. It’s meat, potatoes, and vegetables—all that is solid and healthy—and it is also silky chocolate and all that is sweet.

“What is it?” You ask.

“It’s my grace.” He speaks with hushed voice, a tinge of emotion lacing His words.

You stare at the box. You’ve heard about grace before, but you’ve never really experienced it. Who knew grace had a smell, a feel, a taste?

He suggests you reach inside.

You pull out a “G” and frown.

Jesus chuckles. “G is for guilty no more. Too often you heap condemnation upon yourself. You are overwhelmed with your many tasks and feel guilty there’s dust on the mantle.

“But it goes deeper. You beat yourself up for faults and failures I’ve erased from your record. I’ve already forgotten them. There’s no need to be angry with yourself. I gave my life so you could live without condemnation. You are guilty no more. If you don’t believe me, read Romans 8:1. Read it a thousand times and tape it on your bathroom mirror. Live as you are, my dear: Free from condemnation.”

You have a big lump in your throat and since you can’t talk, you reach back into the box. The letter “R” is in your hand.

The Lord gently lifts your face to his. “R is for Rest in Me. Come to Me when you labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. I will ease and relieve and refresh your soul.” *

“It’s hard to rest,” You say.

Jesus tilts his head. “Think about a nursing baby—how a mother cradles him in her arms, and he nuzzles to her breast. He is nourished, body and soul. As he’s fed he never takes his eyes off of his mother, gazing with complete satisfaction, trust, and peace. Rest in me as that baby rests. I will nourish you. I will lead and comfort you.”

Your eyes are glued to the Master, hungry to believe all He is saying, but there is hesitancy, a fear you don’t deserve to rest.

My Child, did the baby do anything to earn love?”

You shake your head. “He could do nothing to help his mother.”

“In the same way, I don’t expect you to earn My love or the right to rest. I simply come and say, ‘Are you tired? Let me help you. Are you burdened? Let me carry it.’”

Little tears gather in your eyes as you listen to Him. There’s still more to discover. You peer into the gift box.

What special ways do you embrace His grace?

*Matthew 11:28 (AMP)

15 Replies to “A Gift for the Holidays – Part I”

  1. Paula this is so incredibly beautiful! What a picture you have painted with your words, and what an awesome lesson about the grace of God! I wasn’t going to post on my blog today, but I think I will post a link to this. It’s too good not to share. Thank you so much, and I hope your Christmas is full of grace.

    1. Sherri,
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement–and the link! I am overwhelmed by the grace God has shown me, rescuing me from a life of perfectionism and “not good enough.”

  2. “A is because I am always there for you.”
    “C because my love for you is constant.”
    My Grace is sufficient for you. My Grace is a gift that is Everlasting.
    E is for everlasting life with Me.

    Grace means I will never leave you or forsake you.

  3. Tearfully. I’m so thankful for new beginnings. So glad he created the world with time, new mornings, new seasons. Thank you for turning our eyes to the real joy of Christmas.

    1. :O) Thank you, anonymous. I’m glad this post stirred something within you. Tommorow’s post offers some more of the truths about Jesus that are most precious to me. May you be VERY blessed this season.

  4. Paula, what a moving post. I can imagine myself digging into those gift boxes searching for God’s special gifts for me: grace, unconditional love, approval… Those gifts far outweigh any that I’ve got waiting under my Christmas tree.

  5. I’m going to have to read the G part many times before that sinks in 🙂 I’m the Queen of Guilt! Thanks for the inspirational holiday post…a refreshing read! j

  6. I get it Julie. I pasted Romans 8:1 around the house, memorized it, said to myself, sang it to myself. My husband used to stop me and say, “Right. You haven’t had a guilt trip today, yet.” when we were first married. Then, it was, this week. Now it’s, “hey, it’s been a while since you’ve had a guilt trip, honey . . . ” I was in big time bondage to bogus guilt. I’m learning when God convicts there’s empowerment and encouragement with it–like He’s going to help me overcome. When it’s bondage, there’s a feeling of despair or inadequacy . . .

  7. That was beautiful. I wept with joy from hanireg Riley’s beautiful voice alone, but Ryan’s fantastic drumming and Jon’s outstanding guitar skills just made this beautiful work of art something I will show my grandkids someday.Thank you gentlemen for this. Thank you.

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