Are You Prepared for Spiritual Battle?

I was thrilled to see my very first post up on this fantastic website last month. I happily wrote about dealing with sensitive topics. I felt experienced and insightful as I penned that post, delighted with the opportunity to share what I’d learned.

And the next day, a maelstrom erupted on my blog.

One commenter interpreted something I wrote in a way I never intended. I immediately tried to correct the record with a follow-up comment and a clarification in the blog post itself. But the commenter struck back with a personal attack not only against me – but against my husband. Now that is not alright with me.

I politely but firmly defended myself and my husband. Expecting it to end there. It didn’t. She left another scathing comment, which I did not approve. Then she followed up with a comment on my Facebook page that was even worse, which I removed. And another blog comment that was appallingly vitriolic.

While I’d love to say that I calmly handled this situation with Christian love, joy, and peace, I was actually a bit rattled. I externally dealt with these exchanges okay enough, but my chest felt tighter than two-sizes-too-small skinny jeans and I found myself questioning everything I wrote in that post and a few others. Had I done something egregiously wrong?

Then a friend wrote these words to me: “I think this is a bit of a spiritual battle. Satan is trying to shake your cool or make you question what you do.” The timing and extent of what happened made me think she could well be right.


Whether it’s a nonfiction book or blog post or an inspirational story, your writing can have an impact on others. We have a positive effect on our readers far more than a negative one. However, that one naysayer can poke and prod so long and hard you wonder if Satan is applauding with each jab.

He probably is.

I’ve often been told that putting yourself out there in ministry and in writing means opening yourself up not only to constructive criticism but to verbal assaults. Tough skin, I have. But impenetrable? Nope. And if I give an opening – become vulnerable with my readers in some way – someone could hit a tender spot. I could find myself in a spiritual battle.

Am I prepared?  I wish I felt at all times that I was. But I keep turning to God, seeking wisdom from my godly friends, finding comfort in encouraging comments from readers I have helped, and plugging along with my writing. After the Sword of the Spirit, the pen is still my favorite sword of truth.

2 Replies to “Are You Prepared for Spiritual Battle?”

  1. Julie: We take a risk when we write our blogs. I had one commenter who didn’t understand my thought about how believers become targets of the world and that world works through the enemy. Bless you for your work.

  2. Julie, I believe you handled this appropriately and hopefully keep in mind that, as tough as it is to be targeted by someone in a negative way, it is actually something within themselves they detest that possibly your writing (in a well-meaning way) brought out in their minds once again. Is that the devil working? Possibly. There are so many cliches for everything, but ‘Don’t own other people’s problems’ is probably one of my favorites. The problem is usually with the person tossing the blows at another. I know what you mean by feeling vulnerable to others. Just releasing my first suspense novel, I immediately felt vulnerable, as I am usually a private person. But, like you, I am armed with God by my side. I wish you well and look forward to more of your wonderful blogs. Gippy

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