What Are You Putting on Hold?

dont do it!I have worked out with a personal trainer for a number of years. No, this doesn’t mean I’m wealthy or a single digit size (though I still would like to be!). One day as I concluded my training session and was attempting to pull myself up off the floor, I overheard a woman talking to one of the other trainers. She said, “I’d really like to start training with you but I need to get in shape first.” Which caused my own trainer to stroke out and he shouted across the room. “That’s exactly why you should start now!”

And it struck me how much this thought pattern applies to other areas of our lives.

We shouldn’t have children until we’re financially set.

I can’t start my novel because I don’t have enough time . . . (insert variety of other excuses here).

I can’t go to church because my life is too screwed up from (insert various life trouble, sexual indiscretion, alcohol or drug addiction, general pride, greediness, etc . . . here).

I can’t pray because I don’t know the right words to say.

I think when we have thoughts like this, what we’re avoiding is the one thing we probably should be doing. Getting with a personal trainer might help us achieve our fitness goals faster or, at the very least, keep us from further gaining weight to the point where we think the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is skinny. Writing that novel might be a perfect outlet for the reasons we’re avoiding church. Church can be the place where we find a group of fellow travelers who are struggling just as we are and are learning how God won’t solve the consequences of our choices but will help us manage them when we come into relationship with Him.

I know many who have issue with *The Church*. And perhaps they have reason to. I’ll be the first to say that, as a result of our human failings, even we in the church try and put up a front that our lives, home, and church are better than they are. What I’ve boiled it down to is that no church is going to be perfect and if it’s not for you, try another one.

This is just another excuse and you don’t need a destination brick-and-mortar structure to work out, write your book, or discover how meaningful a relationship with God can be.

I’m a say-it-like-it-is kind of girl, which my husband claims is my best and worst quality, but I’m going to torture you with it for a moment. Let’s analyze ourselves.

Tell me–what are you putting on hold, why are you putting it on hold, and what will you do to finally get started?

May you be blessed this coming year.

11 Replies to “What Are You Putting on Hold?”

  1. Love your forthrightness, Jordyn! Have been going through a process of discerning what to let go of and what to pick up, so to speak. Acknowledging and taking responsibility for what I may be choosing to put on hold for various good reasons–no, make that good sounding excuses–is a great way to realign priorities and move forward in the New Year. And in the end, that likely means being more in tune with God’s will than mine. Yes! Thank you!

  2. Excuses for putting off what should be done has a way of sidetracking your life into one of mediocrity. I find myself doing this frequently as I feel inadequate or just stymied about how to progress. Your article has prompted me to examine how to proceed with projects that I wistfully long to complete but lack motivation.

  3. Writing! And writing some more! I waited until I had two toddlers and a busy household to start writing “for real” and now I want only to continue with this and build on it – no holds. So excited for 2014!

      1. my blog for one and then sending articles out to various mags – some lit mags some more mainstream. I write mainly articles about mom topics and such… it has been slow moving but have been getting published and am just enjoying having a schedule for it. for so long my writing was “back burner” and then when i had kids and got REALLY busy i decided, “Ok, I am going to do this.” i have NO idea why i decided this when I was up to my ears in toddlers but maybe it’s because i have a ton of material now! momsieblog is my outlet for that. 🙂

      2. incidentally i love your blog – it is a life saver. advice re this “career choice” w/ Godly wisdom – much needed. I just got an article in Today’s Christian Woman (about post partum) and Water Cooler would have helped me a bunch… I am so glad I found you!

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