The 15-Minute Writer: Writing for Regional Parenting Publications (RPPs)

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Do you write primarily for parents, teachers, or grandparents?

If so, you might try selling articles–especially book excerpts or reprints, which take very little time to pitch in an email–to RPPs, or regional parenting publications. RPPs are the free magazines offered at the front of bookstores, family diners, and kids’ clothing retailers in medium-to-large cities.

file000612565099My area has one central office which publishes several magazines, including Dallas Child, Fort Worth Child, and Dallas Teen.

Because these colorful publications come out each month, the editors need a lot of material. However, they rely on advertising dollars instead of subscriptions, so they don’t pay much (usually $25 to $75 per piece). But every little bit, both money and exposure, helps in this publishing climate!

I’ve made a few sales over the years by sending out emails to editors about two/three months before major holidays, telling them about my seasonal articles. The large audience is nice–especially if you think about how many parents (who wouldn’t otherwise know about you) will see your byline.

How to find these gems? Parenting Publications of America lists its members on its website. They offer a writer’s directory, which is searchable by topic, for their members for only $40/year. Here’s an excellent article on how to market your excerpts to RPPs. Also, you can list reprints on a page on your author site. Most of the magazines also offer book reviews…something to think about when you get to the galley stage.

Writers Kerrie McLoughlin and Christina Katz both have e-books on writing for RPPs, for under ten dollars. I haven’t read either, but they look helpful.

One caution: many of the RPP editors use local writers (or insist on having a regional angle in each article). Be sure and check guidelines, just like you would for any national magazine, before sending off a query or manuscript.

Have you already been published in RPPs? If so, leave a comment below detailing your experience and any advice you’d give to other writers.

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  1. I would LOVE to send you my ebook for free to check it out and review if it you feel like it! I think you’ll find it VERY helpful and you’ll find dozens of markets to send your reprints to! Thanks for the mention!

  2. Kerrie, I am glad to mention your book. 🙂 Thanks for writing it. I don’t have time to review books right now, but I so appreciate the offer. Good luck with it!

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