Traveling Light

I used to take a small suitcase full of books when we traveled. If you are a reader like I am, you’ll know that it’s difficult now days because the airlines want to cut down on the amount of luggage they accept on flights. And now husband likes to fly Charley on cross country trips and then I really have to pack light.

Traveling with Charley
Traveling with our small plane “Charley”

So what would you do to pass the time on a long flight? 

Husband began to notice people using e-readers. He investigated them and told me to purchase a kindle2 for Mother’s day one year.

Now my Kindle is old, and the on/off button is wobbly. I don’t know how much longer it will last. Should I replace my Kindle with a Kindlefire? Or one of the many other e-readers available?

I downloaded the kindle app on Husband’s iPad2. But honestly? I still preferred the screen of the kindle2. It was easier on my eyes. But I used his iPad2 for other things. And when the new iPad came out, we ordered it. Let me tell you, the new retina display is wonderful. On the kindle app, I was able to choose an ivory screen. Reading on the iPad is wonderful.

In fact I now download non-fiction books to study the craft of writing, marketing, social networking, and many other interests. It was hard for me to actually study on the kindle2 and I rarely use it anymore.

So naturally, when brother-in-love wanted to know what kind of an e-reader to buy his wife to take to Florida, I knew just what to recommend. Husband and I raved about the virtues of the iPad and how we used ours for many things. And, we said, it makes a wonderful e-reader. Problem solved. What’s not to like?

It turns out sister-in-love is not interested in all the bells and whistles. She doesn’t want to learn to use email. She doesn’t want to learn to surf the internet. She never uses the computer at home.

There is no one size fits all solution to any problem. And an iPad makes a pretty expensive e-reader if you know you will never use it for anything else.

Instead of extolling the virtues of the iPad, I should have investigated the actual need. It’s the only way to give truly helpful advice. And we finally recommended the basic kindle.

Brother-in-love took his wife shopping. She could purchase any e-reader she wanted. And guess what she picked out? You got it, the basic kindle.

You can be sure the next time someone asks my advice, I will ask more questions, to help find the best solution for them. Which might not be the best solution for us.

Do you have an e-reader? How did you choose?

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  1. I was hoping to find a good eReader that I could afford, something cheap enough that if I didn’t like reading off a screen I wouldn’t regret having spent the money. I was afraid I’d miss the paper-in-hand thing. But recently I had to get a new phone, and free with my contract I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I realized there was a Kindle app I could download for free. Now I’m hooked. I love it, love it, love it. I didn’t realize smartphones could act like an eReader. Because my screen is so large I can easily read. I love the features… but for me the thing I like the best is that its not another device. I really didn’t want a phone AND an eReader. So this is my win-win and I didn’t even know it when I got it!

    1. I was surprised that I can read on my iPhone 5 also. The screen is not very large, but it has that nice resolution of the newer iPad. So it works well. And it is light weight! Can’t beat that!

  2. My husband bought a new iPad a year or two ago and passed his older one on to me. I’ve always loved holding books in my hand so was convinced I would hate this silly gadget. Then I realized that I could stick the iPad, chock-full of books, into a tote bag and have enough reading material to last for weeks. Wow. I use the Kindle app for iPad and make sure I download the books onto the device. (If I don’t download the books, I can only read books when wi-fi is available, not a good thing when traveling.) Currently on my iPad – books on collage, painting, writing, grief, faith, plus lots of fiction – a book for every mood!

  3. I have a basic Kindle in a carrying case that has a little light on it for night reading. I prefer to email on my laptop and don’t use my cellphone for more than phone calls and texting. I’m not a bells and whistles sort of girl. I like the idea that, once I finally finish my first edit of my memoir, I can download it onto my Kindle to read. I think reading it in a different format will show me errors. I stayed away from Nook because I’m not certain of B & N, and don’t do iBooks. While it was promised that my Kindle would last for a month on a charge, I’m lucky to get two days for I read a lot. Have a blessed day.

  4. I have a basic Nook, first generation, and I love it. I didn’t want a Kindle because I have issues with their proprietary format and business practices. I also didn’t want to be locked in to buying everything from Amazon or having to fight to get 19th century copyrighted books from Google on it. My purchase options are endless and I love it, love it, love it.

  5. My kids who fly home and like to read prefer hard copy books — less expensive item to deal w/ while traveling and they don’t have to find a hot spot in the airport.

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