Top Ten Things You Should Read on Your Birthday

Yesterday I turned 29… again. So I decided to write a blog post about one of my favorite things: reading! On your birthday, you should definitely take a little time for yourself, if you can afford it. I try to take some extra time for reading on a personal level, since it is something that I enjoy, and it is an affordable indulgence.

Here are the top ten things you should read on your birthday:

All of your “Happy Birthday!” posts on Facebook Since most of my family and friends live in Michigan, and several of my friends are in Vermont and Wisconsin, I revel in birthday greetings from all across the US of A. How fun to read and respond to people you don’t often see.

Your birthday cards I always save my birthday cards, especially those from family. Since my Grandma Mason passed away in October of this past year, I plan to read some of the previous messages she blessed me with. Her words were always so wise, and I could definitely feel the love that she had for me, even in just a pen and pretty paper.

Your favorite blogs Because I am busy reading emails and queries and manuscripts for work, I generally don’t take time to read a lot of blogs during the work week. So, on my birthday, I like to catch up on blogs. A few blogs I will be spending time with include Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, John Green Books, Literati Cat, and A Miniature Clay Pot. The last blog is by my friend, Marie, who wrote a blog with over 5,000 responses after the Aurora theater shooting. She and her daughters were in theater 9, and she has been such a blessing to those involved in the shooting, as well as others. Of course, she was a blessing to others long before the shooting; she helped me through some difficult times, and she made my wedding invitations for free!

Queries, partials, and full manuscripts in my inbox as well as manuscripts that I am currently editing Yes, I work on my birthday, mostly because my husband also works, but also because my mom visited for the week, and she left yesterday morning. Instead of sitting around being sad and missing her, I plan to focus on projects that I need to complete.

Bible/devotional While I am not a daily bible or devotional reader, I do like to check in on special days. It is always so wonderful to see what God, who knit me together in my mother’s womb, has to say about me on my birthday. He planned the day I came into the world as well as every other day after that. I love to receive a special birthday blessing from Him.

Text messages Who doesn’t like to receive “Happy Birthday!” text messages?

The menu at your favorite restaurant. While I am normally an Olive Garden girl, this year, my husband, mom, and I plan to go to White Fence Farm, a home-style restaurant that specializes in fried chicken and high cholesterol. For those of you in the Denver area, be sure to visit the restaurant which includes a petting zoo, fun shops, and different music nights including square dancing and line dancing.

The menu at your favorite coffee shop A friend recently introduced me to the awesomeness that is Espressole Caffe. It is a bit farther than I normally travel for coffee, but I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than working on an editing project while sipping a five spice latte. Yum!

Your driver’s license Make sure it hasn’t expired!

And my favorite: a good novel! Currently, I am reading Pulitzer prize winning novel, Tinkers, and I finished it on my birthday. It always refreshes me to read beautiful writing with amazing story, and what a great way to start the weekend than with a great story still ruminating in my mind.

What sorts of birthday reading do you do? Do you have any other fun birthday traditions?

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  1. Sarah, Happy Birthday! It’s so encouraging to meet *other* repeat 29-ers. What a wonderful age that is! 😉 I must admit, though. I’m completely, totally, even violently selfish on my birthdays. Sad, but true. On my birthdays, I allow *no one* to be in a bad mood or irritable. Everyone *must* be happy and we will have a good day on pain of being whipped with a soggy French fry if someone dares to grimace. Seriously. It’s written in our house rules somewhere…
    That’s my birthday tradition. I mean come on. A girl only turns 29 once, right?! (and I don’t allow any type of multiplying or adding on that particular day, either!)

    By the way. I think it’s so cool that you play Euchre! Love that game. We tried teaching our kids to play, but they’re not quite into it yet.

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, having everybody be happy is a great thing to have on your birthday. 🙂

      Euchre is fun, but my hubby is still learning. I have been playing since I was eight, so that is annoying sometimes because he forgets that trump changes every time. He is getting better, though!

  2. I visited your favorite blogs listed above and enjoyed them — especially A Miniature Clay Pot. I even left a comment there, and am now following that blog .. thank you for sharing, and Happy Birthday!

  3. A pretty awesome way to have spent your day! Happy birthday! Hope this year is filled with blessings. (:

  4. Happy birthday a day late! This year one of my daughters is also turning 29 for the second time. It’s fun that you can do that with 29, just halt there until you’re ready to proceed. 🙂 Your birthday wish list is thorough. It contains all the goodies. I’d skip the coffee and substitute tea. My reading would also be a novel, something in a different genre than my current WIP, something to stretch my brain. I also enjoy checking in on Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, along with El Chupacabra Writes a Blog. Witty people! Very honest. Hope your Very Merry Unbirthday is as great a day as yesterday’s birthday!

  5. Good list, Sarah, and…Happy Birthday! I indulge in many of the same things, except for work. I try to take the day off, since I am a “type A” personality… But, everyone is different, finding pleasure in a myriad of ways. I’m so happy God brought something good (Marie’s blog, for one) out of the shooting. He is good…all the time. I need to remind myself of this.

  6. Great ideas Sarah…I love White Fence Farm…now I’m hungry for fried chicken! Happy, happy (belated) birthday. Grace, Donna

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