A Writer’s Pains and Gains: A Birthday Perspective

Today is my birthday. I’m 57 years into my journey. I’ve been taking time to look back like so many of us do at the beginning of a New Year and then looking forward with excited anticipation to 2012. I’ve learned a lot! I went through a bunch of blog posts I’ve done since 2009 when I was just learning to blog. Some of them are hysterical. But the important thing is that I learned to blog. Creating blogs and all the rest that comes with such things is no easy task. I’m proud of this achievement because I never considered myself technologically savvy. I”m getting better.

I found an editor, Debbie Marrie, at Charisma Media/Realms who loved my book and shared it with others in the company and asked me if I wanted to sell my series at a time when they weren’t even looking for Regency era novels.  I SOLD MY SERIES! I sold it by myself and then I GOT AN AGENT! I’m following Rachelle Gardner to Books and Such and am very excited about what this year might bring. So if you are reading this and wondering if you’ll ever get published just remember that it’s still possible no matter what you hear.

In the past twenty-two years I’ve attended at least two Romance Writers of America Conferences, multiple American Christian Fiction Writers Conferences, one Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference, and two Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conferences. Along with these conferences I’ve attended a zillion local writers meetings.

I’ve been in a critique group, I’ve received help, given help, and I’ve improved my writing craft more than I thought possible and still have so far to grow. I’ve entered more contests than I could count and I’ve judged a few too. I discovered that I’m stronger than I thought I was.

I’ve learned to depend on God. I’ve prayed along with my husband until we had holes in the knees of our blue jeans for our oldest child who has struggled with severe depression and anxiety for the last eleven years, and for her sister who didn’t get enough attention during that time period. She still found her way through our family’s difficulties and instead of going to college when she graduated high school eighteen months ago she travels the world with, Youth With A Mission, serving others.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of making many new friends since I decided to write; some of you here, some from ACFW, some from RWA,some of you I’ve never met in person but I can always find you on-line, on Face Book, on Twitter.  What you’ve given me is so much more than I could ever give back and I’m so grateful for all of you who have helped me and prayed with me and for me and for my family.

So as I’ve said in the past to those who have been discouraged, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. You must not believe them. You must try.

If you get the chance please come celebrate with me at my blog. I look forward to it.

Post Author: Jillian Kent

Jillian Kent is more than enthusiastic about the release of her first novel, Secrets of the Heart, The Ravensmoore Chronicles, Book One. She’s a full-time counselor for nursing students and holds a masters degree in social work. She’s fascinated with human behavior and thought it would be interesting to explore what might have happened in a lunatic asylum during England’s Regency era, her favorite time period. Jillian hopes you will escape into the past with her and find faith for the future.

20 thoughts on “A Writer’s Pains and Gains: A Birthday Perspective

    • Hi Carrie,
      Happy Birthday to you too! 40’s a big one isn’t it? I don’t know where you live but I’m in Cincinnati and grew up in Pa. It’s usually snowing on my B-Day. Today it’s raining but it hasn’t dampened my birthday spirit.

  1. Happy Birthday, Jillian! Thanks for sharing your story ~ from writing to finding an editor, from sold series to becoming an agented author. What a unique way to connect the dots in your life! God is full of surprises. Blessings for a wonderful year.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jillian! May this year bring many rich blessings to you and your family!

  3. Happy birthday, Jillian! I enjoyed your post today. Thank you for sharing your experiences on the road to publication. I’m sure you’ve blessed other writers, too. May God continue to direct your path.

  4. Jillian– Happy Birthday and thanks for leaving so many important things for us to remember. To become published takes times and perserverance.

  5. Hi Elaine,
    Glad you enjoyed the post, Elaine. I think RWA is great for historical writing. Of course you’re always going to want and see who is presenting. How many workshops are they offering regarding historicals and what are you looking for? Is it one of your favorite authors? Is it someone you admire? Do they have a good grasp on the craft? And if they are presenting at RWA I would think they almost have to be excellent. And don’t forget, Elaine, that you might want to attend other aspects of the craft that you can incorporate into your historicals. I know if I lived anywhere near Anaheim, California I’d be there.

    • Hi Jillian
      Thanks so much for your in-depth reply. I will definitely explore this avenue. California looks great, too. Unfortunately it’s a long way from Ontario, Canada! All best, Jillian.

  6. Hi Jordyn!
    This journey can take a lot of time and did you know that perseverance is my middle name? 🙂 Thanks for the BD greetings. It’s been a fun day.

  7. Happy Birthday, Jillian.
    I appreciate your honesty about both your real life and your writing life. I’ve learned there’s no pause button on real life — and when your under contract, there’s no pause button for that too.
    It’s a good thing your middle name is Perseverance. You’ve lived up to it. Admirably.

  8. Hi Beth,
    I need one of those Staple Easy Buttons. And with tongue in cheek hit that sucker every time I’ve completed my word count. 🙂 Or better yet, at Pause Button. Sounds like a good idea for a movie or at least a blog post. 🙂 Thanks for the BD greeting.

  9. Hi Donna!
    Thanks for the BD greetings. It’s not only been amazing, it’s been head-banging insane at times, hysterically funny at other times. Still, I’m grateful. 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday, though I’m later to this post than I was on Facebook. 🙂 You’ve had a wild ride, I know, and I’m glad to have shared some of it with you!

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