We are a group of authors.

We write fiction and nonfiction. We write books about self-care and marriage. We write memoirs about Biblical womanhood and backpacking through Africa. We write lighthearted romance and supernatural suspense. We write for the CBA and the ABA. We are traditionally published and self-published.

We are a group of authors with one thing in common.

We are the clients of WordServe Literary agency, reporting live from the publishing trenches.

Consider this your official WordServe water cooler. Where community is built. Where tips and tricks of the trade are shared. Where we offer an inside peek into life as an agented author.

We post four days a week on relevant topics such as marketing, publishing, the craft of writing, social media, and anything else that might help fellow writers move forward in their careers.

Please. Join in the conversation. We’d love to get to know you.

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